(recruitment for 2018 new-graduates)

Job details Comic Zenon and WEB Comic Zenion editorial and comic production.
The candidate will be involved in meeting with authors, planning, development management, proofreading, article pages’ editing, etc.
Qualification requirements Those who are expecting to graduate from University / Graduate schools in March 2018.
How to apply Mynavi 2019
Complete the entry form uploaded on Mynavi 2019.


Assistant staff

Job details *Office work (questionnaire completion, product shipping etc.);
*Customer service;
*Telephone inquiries support;
*Cleaning duties, etc.
Qualification requirements Those who are available up to 3 full week days a week / long-term workers.
※ People who can work 5 days a week are welcome;
※ No experience required (students also eligible)
Working hours Shift system / Weekdays 10:00 – 19:00
Salary Hourly: 1000 yen
Employment status Part-time job
Benefits Transportation costs covered
Holidays Saturday, Sunday, national holidays
Application Please, send your resume (with photo) to the following address:
Tokyo, Musashino, Kichijoji, 1-9-9 Kichijoji Zizo Building
Coamix Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department Part-time job hiring management
Inquiries Coamix Co., Ltd Recruitment management 0422-24-6772