Monthly Zenon Land

Monthly Zenon Land "Listen to your voice, reader posting corner" Let us hear your voice ♡

Corner introduction

☆ Tilt! ☆
"Tilt" is the theme of Comic Zenon.
"Tilt" is to love to surprise people with their flashy appearance and behavior.
That kind of "tilt" has the power to break through the feeling of obstruction and adversity and invigorate people.
A popular corner where you can post "tilted" people and events around you or yourself ♡

☆ Stop the Honnoji ☆
A corner where you can post the trendy reincarnated material ♪
What would you do if you were reborn as a great man in history?Please send me something.

☆ Fengyun Zenon Line ☆
This is a corner where you can send your opinions and questions about Monthly Comic Zenon.
I'll answer your voice.

How to Apply

● Application by postcard
〒180-0003 1-9-9 Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Kichijoji Jizo Building 3rd floor Monthly Comic Zenon editorial department "Monthly Zenon Land" section
Please fill in your name, pen name, gender, age, residence, application corner name, and material before sending.

● Apply by email
Click here to apply
Please write your name, pen name, gender, age, residence, application corner name, and material to the above address before sending.

● Apply on Twitter
We also accept posts from Twitter only for "Tilt Now!". "@zenon_officialPlease follow and post with the hashtag "# Tilt Now!".
(In the case of Twitter, due to the shipping of prizes, etc., "@zenon_officialWe may contact you by DM)

* Postcards are stored for a certain period of time and then discarded.
* The rights of the text belong to North Stars Pictures Co., Ltd.
* Regarding typographical errors and omissions, the editorial department may make corrections.
* Prizes will be sent if the material is posted.
* We will contact you when the prize is shipped.
* The publication time may change.

I'm waiting for your post ♡