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This is a business trip editorial department that allows you to interact with the editorial department of Coamix (Monthly Comic Zenon, etc.), which is a manga publisher in Tokyo, in real time.It is a base that supports those who aim to become manga artists throughout Kyushu, including Kumamoto.


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1. Connect with the editorial department in Tokyo in real time

"I want to be a manga artist, but I don't know how to become a manga artist." "I applied, but I don't know how to deal with the person in charge."You don't need a manuscript. Let's talk with the editorial staff of Comic Zenon in Tokyo using two large monitors.

2. Touch the manga production equipment

We have a wide variety of materials, from basic painting materials to PCs and pen tablets that are indispensable for digital production.By actually touching various production equipment, you can meet things that interest you and improve your own work.Please use all means! (* Please register as a member at the reception desk before using)

3. Lots of chances to debut as a MANGAKA

On the second Saturday and Sunday of every month, new artist award candidates will be selected from the posted works and brought-in works.A big step towards debuting as a manga artist.There is a possibility of immediate debut!

4. Many events such as special classes for professional MANGAKA

We hold various events related to manga.Special lectures by professional writers serialized in commercial magazines, including Tsukasa Hojo, special programs that can only be heard here.In addition, you can also watch the class archives actually provided by Coamix at vocational schools.Check out the latest event information for more details.

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