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"Angel Sign" is a live-action film of the prize-winning works from Asia, Europe, and South America, selected from 100 entries for the "Silent Manga Audition" submitted from over 6,888 countries and regions.

From silent manga
The movie that was born
"Angel sign"


2019 production / 105 minutes / G / Japan


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This work is an original story "Prologue & Epilogue" drawn by Tsukasa Hojo in 5 works of prize-winning works "Beginning & Farewell" "Thirty and A Half Minutes" "SKY SKY" "Father's Gift" "Back Home". An omnibus movie composed by adding.

The directors of the five films are well-known directors from Asia who are famous all over the world. Tsukasa Hojo, the general director, picked up the megaphone in "Prologue & Epilogue," which plays the role of connecting the five works.

Since the story develops only with video and music without using dialogue throughout the whole story, it is a content that evokes sympathy across languages ​​and national borders.

Nao Matsushita & Dean Fujioka starred in "Prologue & Epilogue", Naoto Ogata & Momoko Kikuchi in "Beginning & Farewell", and Jiro Sato in "Father's Gift".


On November 2019, 11, theatrical release and distribution on the WEB etc. will start on the same day. Blu-ray & DVD released on May 15, 2020.

ス タ ッ フ

■ General Director: Tsukasa Hojo
■ Directors: Tsukasa Hojo, Ken Ochiai, Nonzee Nimibut, Ham Trang, Masatsugu Asahi, Kamila Andini
■ Planning: Nobuhiko Horie
■ Original: Vincent Lange, Prema Jar, Snippy MJ, Ichirou, Bu Din Lan
■ Theme song: DEAN FUJIOKA


Nao Matsushita, Dean Fujioka, Naoto Ogata, Momoko Kikuchi, Jiro Sato, Preopan Panim, Pipop Camonquet Soapon, Bunin Inluan, Go Quan Tuan, Suan Van, Ayaka Sakai, Nin Nara Bunbiti Pie Sit, Mechatro Wego, Tuk Rifnu Wikana, Abigail, Mikako Yoshida

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