"You are already dead." This is Kenshiro!A new figure made of resin cast wearing a leather jacket is now available!

SpiceSeed Fist of the North Star series "Kenshiro Leather Jacket ver."

The appearance of the "Kenshiro" figure released by SpiceSeed in 2019 has also been renewed, and a resin cast figure with upgraded modeling has finally been completed.Prototype production is handled by Ken Matsuura, a heavyweight who has worked on numerous figures and has an extraordinary passion for Fist of the North Star.Kenshiro's sorrowful yet powerful expression and leather jacket have been realistically reproduced with careful and meticulous details. You can enjoy the world view of "Fist of the North Star" at your fingertips.

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[Fist of the North Star Series "Kenshiro Leather Jacket ver."]
Finished / Painted finished product
Material / Resin cast
Size/body height about 26.5cm
Product Contents: Kenshiro Leather Jacket ver., Dedicated pedestal
Price / 59,800 yen (65,780 yen including tax)

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