"Cat's Eye" will hold its first original painting exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary!

From May 2022th (Friday) to May 5rd (Monday), 13, "Cat's Eye 23th Anniversary Original Painting Exhibition-and to City Hunter-" will be held in Tokyo (Arts Chiyoda 40 3331st floor main gallery). It was decided to hold it!

Tsukasa Hojo's masterpiece "Cat's Eye", which everyone is fascinated by the actions, charms and actions of the three sisters, Hitomi, Mio, and Ai no Kaito, and the love pattern between the detective Toshio and Hitomi. Celebrated its 3th anniversary.
Approximately 350 including illustrations of the three sisters drawn by Tsukasa Hojo for this exhibition, valuable color manuscripts, manga manuscripts, full-page exhibitions of the final episode, and color manuscripts of "City Hunter". We will exhibit the original paintings of the dots. This is an exhibition where you can fully enjoy the genealogy and footprints of Tsukasa Hojo, starting with "Cat's Eye" and ending with "City Hunter".

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The power and volume of the masterpiece!An exhibition of about 350 original drawings, centered on the manga manuscripts that were serialized.

Completely cover the world of "Cat's Eye"!That impression that revives!

We will exhibit a large number of original drawings that cover the world of Cat's Eye, such as the charm and exhilarating action of the three sisters with different eyes, 泪, and love, the detectives of Toshio and the Cat's special investigation team, and the thief gentleman mouse. ..The charm of raw manuscripts by Tsukasa Hojo, which is a bit different from digital!This is a unique opportunity.

Another masterpiece of Tsukasa Hojo, "City Hunter".

The one-shot work that became the prototype of "City Hunter" was originally inspired by the character of "Mouse" Masato Kamiya, who appeared in "Cat's Eye", and the main character of "City Hunter", Ryo Saeba, was born. did.We will delve into the connection between these two worlds by exhibiting City Hunter's monochrome manuscripts and color manuscripts.

There are other valuable materials and photo spots in the venue!

In addition to the original drawings, we will also exhibit magazines, books, and materials used for drawing at that time.Check out the production that expresses the world view of "Cat's Eye" installed in the venue. We also have spots that are perfect for shooting on SNS.

In commemoration of the original painting exhibition, a total of more than 100 new products will be on sale!

We have more than 100 new products in total, including featured products using illustrations drawn by Tsukasa Hojo for the original exhibition.Detailed product information will be announced on the EDITION 88 website in late April!


Event name: Cat's Eye 40th Anniversary Original Painting Exhibition-and to City Hunter-
Date: May 2022th (Friday) -May 5rd (Monday), 13
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 * Last admission to the exhibition is until 19:00
Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 3331 1st Floor Main Gallery
Venue homepage: https://www.3331.jp/access/

"Admission ticket" will be on sale at Lawson Ticket from Saturday, April 4th.
Admission tickets are reserved by time zone and are sold only with Lawson tickets (Loppi installed in Lawson and Ministop stores).
Sales start date: April 4 (Sat) 9: 12- (planned)
Admission: 1,500 yen including tax for general and university students, 1,000 yen including tax for high school students and younger * Free admission for preschoolers
      Entrance fee with catalog: 3,500 yen including tax
① Admission benefits
40th Anniversary Original Cats Cards (4 types) will be included at random!Double-sided color printing, with a cat's card design on the front and an illustration drawn by Tsukasa Hojo to commemorate the original exhibition on the back.
* Admission benefits will be given at the venue.No benefits will be given to those who enter for free.

② Catalog
A4 size, 80 pages full color specification (planned)
・ Catalogs can be purchased at the exhibition venue for 2200 yen including tax.
(However, it may be sold out, so if you want to make sure you purchase it, please purchase an admission ticket with a catalog.)
・ The admission ticket with catalog is set at a discount of about 200 yen.

[Regarding admission]
* It is not a replacement system.
* Admission tickets can be purchased on the day of the event.
* An admission ticket is required to enter the product sales venue.
* Event contents may be changed or canceled due to circumstances.
* We are working on measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases.We kindly ask for your cooperation, such as wearing a mask when you come to the venue.

[Inquiries regarding admission tickets Lawson Tickets]
For other regulations and details, please see EDITION 88.

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