Collaboration between "LINE Rangers" and the anime "Record of Ragnarok"!

A collaboration between the defense battle game "LINE Rangers" (iPhone / Android compatible / free) and the anime "Record of Ragnarok" has been decided.

From the characters appearing in the anime "Record of Ragnarok" currently being distributed on Netflix, "Lu Bu", "Thor", "Adam", "Kojiro Sasaki", and "Poseidon" will appear as collaboration-only rangers, as well as collaboration specials. We will hold the stage "Ragnarok Planet".

[Collaboration period]

From March 2022st (Thursday) to April 3th (Thursday), 31 Maintenance
* Please check the in-game announcement for details on various events.

■ The character of "Record of Ragnarok" has appeared as a collaboration limited ranger!

During the collaboration period, "Lu Bu Hosho", "Tall", "Adam", "Kojiro Sasaki", and "Poseidon" will appear as collaboration limited rangers, as well as collaboration equipment with familiar items in the series as motifs.Also, by logging in during the period, you will receive a collaboration ranger "Tall" as a gift.

<Lu Bu servant>
One of the strongest military commanders in "Sangokushi".
He continued to defeat opponents who were stronger than himself, and made his name roar throughout China.

Manipulate a thunder mallet with the strongest god in Norse mythology.
It has the power to annihilate the XNUMX giants who attacked the land of the gods on its own.

The file number XNUMX of mankind and the father of all mankind.
Fight for your life to protect your children.

<Kojiro Sasaki>
A swordsman who constantly refined his skills even after ascending to heaven.
Fight with Senju Musou and Bizen Nagamitsu, who look ahead to every movement of the opponent.

Zeus's older brother and known as the most terrifying god of Greek mythology.
He has a past of slaughtering his brother Adamas.

■ Special stage "Ragnarok Planet" will be held!

During the collaboration period, we will hold a special stage "Ragnarok Planet".If you clear it, you can get in-game items such as coins, feathers, evolution materials, and the collaboration ranger "★ 8 Thor".

[Notice] New event "Guild Raid" will be held!
During the collaboration period, we will hold "Guild Raid" as a new event.Let's cooperate with the members in the guild and aim to defeat the strong boss "Tall"!

[Period] From Thursday, April 2022, 4 to Thursday, April 14, 4

[Record of Ragnarok]

<Original information>
Manga "Record of Ragnarok" (Coamix / "Monthly Comic Zenon" serialization)
Drawing: Ajichika Original: Shinya Umemura Composition: Fukuitakumi
Released: Coamix Volumes 1 to 14 Now on sale

<Anime information>
Netflix worldwide exclusive distribution from June 2021, 6 (Thursday)

"Record of Ragnarok" official website
"Record of Ragnarok" Official Twitter

Ⓒ Ajichika, Shinya Umemura, Fukui Takumi / Coamix, Record of Ragnarok Production Committee Copyright License VGC-302

About "LINE Rangers"

"LINE Rangers" is a defense battle game in which LINE characters appear as rangers dressed in various costumes.In order to help Sally, who was abducted by an alien army aiming to conquer space, and save the dominated planet, we will strengthen and team up more than 300 types of rangers on various stages of more than 500 in total. Since the service was released on February 2014, 2, the friendly visuals of LINE characters and the strategic nature of forming and nurturing their own teams have been supported by a wide range of users. It won first place in six countries including Taiwan, and also ranked first in three countries on Google Play, and the total number of downloads has exceeded 28 million downloads worldwide as of February 6.

■ Game overview

Title name: LINE Rangers
Compatible devices: iPhone / Android
Supported languages: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Thai, Korean
Service area: Worldwide
Service start date: February 2014, 2
Price: Free (item charge)
Development: LINE PLUS Corporation
Operated by: LINE Corporation
Copyright notice: © LINE PLUS Corp.

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