"Ikusanoko-Oda Saburo Nobunagaden-" x card battle game "Sengoku Royale" collaboration will be held!

[Outline of collaboration event implementation]

From Friday, September 2020, 9, a collaboration event between "Ikusanoko-Oda Saburo Nobunagaden-" and mobage "Sengoku Royale" will start.
During the collaboration period, you can read scenarios based on the same work at the in-game event, and you can also get the main character, Oda Nobunaga, as an event participation reward card!
In addition, Yoshimoto Imagawa and Muneon Sawahiko, the main characters appearing in "Ikusanoko-Oda Saburo Nobunagaden-", will appear as military commander cards in a limited-time collaboration gacha to commemorate the collaboration.

Left) GR Oda Nobunaga / Center) Goku Oda Nobunaga / Right) Goku Oda Nobunaga * After breaking the limit

[Collaboration event period]


[Outline of collaboration gacha implementation]

The characters from "Ikusanoko -Oda Saburo Nobunagaden-" will appear in the limited-time collaboration gacha as "Goku Imagawa Yoshimoto" and "Goku Sawahiko Muneon".

Left) Yoshimoto Imagawa / Right) Takugen Takugen

【Implementation period】


[What is Sengoku Royale]

"Sengoku Royale" is a mobage card battle game that celebrated its 2020th anniversary in 10.
This is a role-playing game in which the user becomes a Sengoku warrior and aims to unify the world.Using cards with the motif of Sengoku warlords, you can sometimes cooperate with other users and enjoy card battles while sometimes fighting.

■ Service overview
Title name: Sengoku Royale
Genre: RPG
Fee: Free-to-play (item charge system)
Operating environment: Smartphone (iPhone / Android device) / WEB
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