"City Hunter" Bluetooth speaker released to listen to the recorded voice of Ryo Saeba and incense!

Pre-order sales of a collaboration model between the Bluetooth speaker "Zeeny T ★ Box" equipped with the original sound field expansion technology Virtual Sound Field ™ and "City Hunter" have started.

"Zeeny T ★ Box" is a cost-effective Bluetooth speaker that allows you to enjoy theater sound in a compact housing.It is smaller than the sound bar and is equipped with the original sound field expansion technology "Virtual Sound Field" that allows you to enjoy the spread of sound beyond the sound bar.As if you were listening to music with headphones, you can feel the sound of the space expanding up, down, left and right.Pursuing rich bass and clear sound, it creates a surprising sense of presence.
There are two types of collaboration model designs.The recorded system audio by Ryo Saeba (CV. Akira Kamiya) and Kaori Makimura (CV. Kazue Ikura) is installed.You can also enjoy "Secret Voice" that can only be heard with this model.Please enjoy the interaction between Ryo and Kaori.

Collaboration design

Logo ver. And XYZ ver.

※The image is an image.The design and specifications may differ from the actual product.

Dialogue table

Operation sound

Secret voice

The collaboration model is equipped with "operation sound" and "secret voice" recorded by Ryo Saeba (CV. Akira Kamiya) and Kaori Makimura (CV. Kazue Ikura), which can only be heard here.There is also a "time signal" that you can listen to when linked with the app. "Time signal" is a line that allows you to experience the day when Ryo Saeba and Kaori complete the request.
* The contents of the recorded voice are subject to change.

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Pre-order details
■ How to purchase: Pre-order on the official online sales site Zeeny.com
■予約期間: 2022年3月31日(木)17:00から2022年5月10日(火)23:59まで
■ Product shipping: Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from around September 2022
■ Sales price: 21,800 yen each (tax included, shipping not included)
■ Distributor: Nein Co., Ltd.

* Please note that the sales period is subject to change without notice depending on the situation.
* If there are many applications, the delivery time of the product may change.
* Manufacturing and shipping may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.
・ Impact of the new coronavirus on the operating status of manufacturing bases
・ Impact of delays in material procurement due to global semiconductor shortages and conflicts

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