You can read the whole volume of "Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition" in VR! "XR Manga Fist of the North Star" released!


Meta (Oculus) Quest / Quest 18 compatible app "XR Manga Fist of the North Star" that can read all 2 volumes of the comic "Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition" in VR space is now available!

This application makes full use of the system of the VR e-book viewer "XR Manga" (patent / trademark registration pending) developed by Media Do.You can read "Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition" published in 2013 with newly inserted and re-edited additional episodes and color pages at the beginning with the highest image quality data before printing.The biggest feature is that the space changes according to the story development, and you can enjoy the world of "the end of the century" with the unprecedented immersive feeling of VR along with visual effects and BGM.In addition to the digital figures of the characters appearing in the work, the powerful mini-game "I am Kenshiro" that crushes approaching enemies and obstacles with the hand tracking function is also installed.

"XR Manga Fist of the North Star" sample video
"XR Manga Fist of the North Star" introduction site

■ Purchase order ・ Limited to the first 3600 people! Includes NFT fan item card!

Buyer-only NFT fan item cards (6 types in total) that can be enjoyed at the NFT marketplace "FanTop" provided by Media Do will be randomly included in the first 3,600 people in the order of purchase of "XR Manga Fist of the North Star".

[Number of distributions] First-come-first-served basis 3,600 people (in order of purchase)
[Exchange method] Gift code exchange within "FanTop" (
* Two hours after purchasing the app, a gift icon will be displayed on the in-app home screen, and tapping the icon will display the gift code (if you purchased before the redemption period, please wait for the redemption period to start).
[Exchange period] Early January 2022 (start date undecided) -December 1, 2022

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■ Features of "XR Manga Fist of the North Star"

Highest image quality in the history of ebooks
Since the original data before printing is used, the manga displayed in the app is displayed at about 3 times the resolution of the general EPUB format file of an ebook.No matter how far you expand, you can appreciate the brush strokes of Professor Tetsuo Hara in every corner, and you can fully enjoy the charm of the original picture.

In an overwhelming quality VR space, that famous scene!
There are a total of 180 types of backgrounds in the VR space prepared as the entire story progresses.The background changes every 30 pages on average.Visual effects and sound effects such as flames, fog, and light are even more appealing.The vast end-of-the-century world of "Fist of the North Star", such as the submerged city and the arena that change its expression every moment according to the story, spreads in front of you, realizing an experience that enhances the immersive and uplifting feeling and is drawn into the story. did.

Equipped with VR figure function and mini game with full adrenaline
The main characters of Fist of the North Star, Kenshiro and Yuria, are installed as digital figures.The background can be switched, the pose and size can be adjusted freely, and lines can be added with balloons.If you take a photo using the camera mode, you can easily share it on Twitter from within the app.There are endless ways to enjoy it, such as reproducing your favorite scenes or making an original four-frame manga.In addition, it has a hand tracking function that allows you to read books comfortably with gesture operations, and is also equipped with a mini game "I am Kenshiro" with full adrenaline.Please try the exhilarating experience of playing Fist of the North Star like Kenshiro.

VR figure function sample video
"I am Kenshiro" sample video

■ Overview of "XR Manga Fist of the North Star"

【app name】
"XR MANGA Fist of The North Star"

[Sales price (tax included, reference)]
Volume 1 to 6 set: 2,990 yen (1 figure (Kenshiro), mini game)
Volume 7-18 set: 14,056 yen (2 figures (Kenshiro, Yuria), mini game)
Volume 1-18 set: 15,823 yen (2 figures (Kenshiro, Yuria), mini game)

【corresponding device】
Meta (Oculus) Quest, Quest2 (as of December 2021, 12)

■ About the future

"XR Manga Fist of the North Star" reproduces the high-quality data of the comic "Fist of the North Star Ultimate Edition" as it is in the VR space, and it is the best work to enter the powerful original world view and taste every corner. .. The "XR Manga" series will continue to take on the challenge of providing new experiences in the Metaverse market, which is expected to expand in the future, such as collection rooms for viewing digital figures, social functions, and new titles.

■ About "XR Manga"

"XR Manga" is a reading system for which a patent is pending as "virtual reality or augmented reality reading system, 3D display control program for books and images, and information processing method".E-books that were previously read on the small display of smartphones and tablets have been released from that area, with the realistic background of "beach resorts," "forests," "school buildings," "space," etc. that make the most of the immersive feeling of VR. , You will be able to browse on a large screen and in a two-page spread.You can enjoy a more immersive reading experience compared to smartphones that normally display one page at a time.You can zoom in and out on the book, and you don't have to actually hold the book in your hand, so you won't get tired of your hands or arms while lying down.It is a highly convenient system with a freehand operation function by hand tracking and an automatic page turning function.

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