"Eiji Taisen 6 World Waves" "Tetsuo Hara Sengoku Series Collaboration" Campaign will be held from June 22nd!

The "Tetsuo Hara Sengoku Series Collaboration" War Stamp Campaign will start on June 2022, 6 (Wednesday) in the battle-type card action game "Eiji Taisen Sansen Sekai no Hado" for amusement facilities!

"Eiji Taisen" is a competitive card action game where you play by operating real cards.In addition to the military commanders who appeared in the successive series "Sangokushi Taisen" and "Sengoku Taisen" that created the history of arcade games, the new military commanders of "Edo / Bakumatsu" who are popular with history fans have appeared.In the future, we plan to participate in various historical heroes.It is the latest work that can be said to be the culmination of the Great War series.

In this collaboration, Sengoku warlords Keiji Maeda, Kiyomasa Kato, and Kanetsugu Naoe drawn by Tetsuo Hara and Masato Deguchi will appear as real warlord cards. Fight on the same battlefield as the warlords of "Eiji Taisen".In addition to being able to acquire collaboration warlords during the collaboration campaign, stamps will be stamped each time you play, and you will be able to acquire consumable items according to the number of stamps.

■ "Tetsuo Hara Sengoku Series Collaboration" War Stamp Campaign Overview

A stamp will be stamped each time you play during the campaign period.Depending on the number of stamps you have acquired, you will receive a collaboration warlord and consumable items.Don't miss this opportunity.

Campaign period: 2022年6月22日(水) 7:00~2022年7月5日(火) 27:59
Campaign summary :  https://info-eiketsu-taisen.sega.jp/archives/693

* Please check the campaign overview page on the official website for details on campaign rewards.
* If you want to print the acquired military commander as a card, you need to play the game at the satellite and print from "Card printing".

© Tetsuo Hara, Nobuhiko Horie, Gifuu Doudou / Coamix 2008 Copyright License SA-402
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© Tetsuo Hara, Nobuhiko Horie, Kabuki Journey / Coamix Copyright License SA-402

【Product Specifications】
Name: Eiji Taisen Three Thousand World Waves
Genre: Competitive card action game
Working day: Popular operation (operation on Thursday, March 2022, 3)
Number of players: 1
Right notation: © SEGA

Official site:https://www.eiketsu-taisen.com/
Official Twitter account:@eiketsu_taisen
War series public relations Twitter account:@taisen_ko_ho

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