[Follow-up] About our employees' new coronavirus infection

Coamix Inc.
About the new coronavirus infection of our employees (follow-up report)


Regarding the subject matter announced on August 8, we would like to report on the situation and countermeasures after that as follows.  

1. In accordance with the instructions of the health center in charge, we requested a special cleaning specialist to disinfect the parts related to the company that are supposed to have been used by the employee, and carried out on August 8rd.

2. The employee has not been to the office since July 7th.Therefore, we do not enter the places where customers from outside the company use.

3. There was no person in the company who was a close contact.However, all departments to which the employee belongs are required to work from home until August 8, and PCR tests are obligatory.As a result of the test, all were found to be negative.

4. As an initiative to prevent future infections, we will continue to work from home and work at different times, giving priority to ensuring the safety of all concerned parties and employees.


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