Anime "Record of Ragnarok" ✖️ "Great Enthusiasm Dragon Smash" collaboration held!


A collaboration event between the anime "Record of Ragnarok" and the auto-puzzle game "Great Enthusiasm Dragon Smash" will be held from January 2022th (Sun), 1 to February 16th (Sun), 2022.In this collaboration, the popular characters "Adam", "Kojiro Sasaki", "Lu Bu Hosho", "Thor", "Zeus", "Poseidon", etc. from "Record of Ragnarok" will appear from the collaboration limited gacha.
In addition, we will also hold events where you can earn collaboration limited rewards!

(XNUMX) A popular character from "Record of Ragnarok" has appeared in the collaboration gacha!

■ Duration

January 2022, 1 (Sun) -February 16, 2022 (Sun)


During the collaboration period, popular characters "Adam", "Kojiro Sasaki", and "Lu Bu Hosho" from "Record of Ragnarok" will appear in the collaboration limited gacha.Furthermore, from February 2st (Tuesday), "Thor", "Zeus", and "Poseidon" will also appear from the collaboration gacha.
All collaboration characters come with anime voices.
* Collaboration characters will appear in the collaboration limited gacha. (Other than collaboration characters will also appear)

②Collaboration event quest!

■ Duration

January 2022, 1 (Sun) -February 16, 2022 (Sun)


Held an event for a limited time in collaboration.If you join forces with your friends to defeat the attacking enemies or challenge the collaboration boss to clear the quest, you will have a chance to get collaboration-only rewards such as summoner icons and stamps.

[Collaboration stamp]

③Collaboration commemorative retweet campaign held!

■ Duration

The first: January 2022, 1 (Sun) -January 16, 2022 (Mon)
The second: February 2022, 1 (Tuesday) -February 2022, 2 (Sunday)


A retweet campaign on Twitter was held to commemorate the collaboration. If you follow the Twitter account @drasuma_rudel of "Dragon Smash" and then retweet the tweets targeted for the campaign, you will receive a "Record of Ragnarok Acrylic Stand" by lottery from those who RT & follow.
Please check the official twitter for details.


[Overview of the Great Enthusiasm Dragon Smash]

Reborn [Auto Puzzle] Bomb! !!

▼ It's a puzzle, but it doesn't puzzle! ??
Fully automatic puzzles make it super easy!No hassle!
A new puzzle game with unprecedented exhilaration and power!

▼ You can freely combine decks!
Various monsters and skills!
Monsters become even more powerful depending on the combination! ??
Find your own strongest deck!

Official Twitter account: @drasuma_rudel

[App overview]

Game name: Great heat fight Dragon smash
Category: Games (Auto Puzzle)
Play fee: Free (some fees / items are charged)
Compatible models: (OS) iOS 9.0 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
      Or Android 4.1 or above
Game download URL:Common to iPhone / Android

■ Anime "Record of Ragnarok"

 Netflix worldwide exclusive distribution from June 2021, 6 (Thursday)
● Anime official website:
● "Record of Ragnarok" Anime Official Twitter: @ragnarok_PR

© Azichika, Shinya Umemura, Fukui Takumi / Coamix, Record of Ragnarok Production Committee Copyright License VGD-102 

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