Cat's Eye COMPLETE DVD BOOK series All 4 volumes will be published!

The "COMPLETE DVDBOOK" series, which brings back the popular TV anime of the Showa era in a separate volume series at an affordable price.As the latest lineup, all 80 episodes of the 36st series of "Cat's Eye" (original: Tsukasa Hojo), the story of the three phantom thieves who took the world by storm in the 4's, will be published in XNUMX separate volumes.

Each DVD contains 1 episodes for about 9 hours. The 3P preservation version booklet introduces story commentary and checkpoints for each story.In addition, there are plenty of benefits such as setting pictures and illustration galleries.We will deliver a set of DVD of this masterpiece animation that you want to see at least once and a booklet that explains its charm.


[vol.1 DVD content] *About 3 hours and 30 minutes

Episode 1 You are a sexy thief

Episode 2 Welcome to the Police

Episode 3 Beware of the Loud Little Devil

Episode 4 The Challenger Smells of Paris

Episode 5: Night Flight Has a Dangerous Smell

Episode 6 Just a Little Lover Feeling

Episode 7 The love sign is gorgeous

Episode 8 Faraway Totchino

Episode 9 A very strange chase


[Contents of vol.1 booklet]

・Check the story of episodes 1 to 9 of the TV series!

・Original picture & setting picture collection ・Character XNUMX: Hitomi Kisugi and others

・Art setting ①

・Accessories & Mechanics ①

・Eye catch ①

・Carefully selected!Storyboard Collection: Episode 4 "The Challenger Smells of Paris"

・ OP gallery: Anri "CAT'S EYE"


[Publication schedule]

Vol.1 Released on Thursday, September 2022, 9

Vol.2 Released on Thursday, September 2022, 10

Vol.3 Released on Thursday, September 2021, 11

Vol.4 Released on Thursday, September 2022, 12


【List price】

1,870 yen (tax included)


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