The smartphone game app "Shin Hokuto Musou" will be distributed in 2020!

Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd. has announced the distribution of a new smartphone game app "Shin Hokuto Musou" based on "Fist of the North Star".
This app is a completely new work developed as an app for smartphones that allows you to enjoy not only the exhilaration of "Ippatsu Tosen" and the re-experience of the original, but also deeper training and interaction with other players. Pre-registration will start on September 2020, 9 (Sun).
In addition, to commemorate the start of pre-registration, a campaign will be held on official Twitter where original goods will be won by lottery.

■ What is the "Hokuto Musou" series?

"Hokuto Musou" released in March 2010 and "Shin Hokuto Musou" released in October 3 are said to be the highest peak of the legendary action manga "Hokuto no Ken", which still boasts high popularity and popularity. , A hit work that has attracted a great deal of attention as a collaboration of the "Musou" series, which boasts the exhilarating feeling of "Ippatsu Tosen", and has shipped more than 2012 million units in Japan.This year marks the 10th anniversary of the "Hokuto Musou" series.


■ App game "Shin Hokuto Musou"

This work "Shin Hokuto Musou" commemorates the 10th anniversary of the "Hokuto Musou" series.
This is the first domestic release title of the Koei Tecmo Games "Midas" brand.

[Powerful action that allows you to enjoy the exhilaration of a thousand hits]
Players can operate the numerous characters that appear in "Fist of the North Star" and enjoy the exhilaration of wiping out the innumerable enemies that attack while making full use of a wide variety of techniques that can be easily performed.

[Relive the original story]
You can relive the profound story of "Fist of the North Star" with your own hands, and not only those who like the original story but also those who are not familiar with it can deeply enter the world of "Fist of the North Star".
In addition, the story will be delivered as if it were serialized.You can enjoy the expectation for the next development as it was at the time of serialization.

[Abundant training elements]
By combining the mysteries that can be set for each character and the items that can advance the battle to the advantage, you can strengthen your favorite character as much as you like.

[Full game mode]
In addition to the main story, it is equipped with many game modes such as quests for training, cooperative play with other players, and ranking functions.Enjoy a variety of content unique to smartphone apps.


■ Pre-registration started!

Pre-registration for "Shin Hokuto Musou" will start by the following method.

○ Official website:
* Register using the email form
○ Official Twitter:
* Register by following
○ Official Facebook:
* Register with likes
○ Official LINE:
* Register by adding friends

■ We also carry out a Twitter gift campaign to commemorate the start of pre-registration!

[Campaign name]
Pre-registration start commemorative gift campaign

September 2020, 9 (Sun) -September 13, 2020 (Wed) 9:30

"Shin Hokuto Musou" original T-shirt for 7 people

To commemorate the decision to distribute "Shin Hokuto Musou" and the start of pre-registration, we held a campaign on official Twitter ( where 7 people will win the "Hokuto Musou" original T-shirt by lottery. increase.

【Application method】
Follow the official Twitter account and retweet the tweet to complete the application.

・ Shipping is limited to Japan.
・ When applying, please make your account public.
・ You cannot choose the size.
・ Lottery and shipping are scheduled for about 2 weeks after the end of the period.
・ Please note that if you are not followed at the lottery timing, your application will be invalid.

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