Cast announcement of the drama "Haru to Ao no Bento Box"!


The leading cast of the drama "Haru to Ao no Bento Box", which starts at midnight on October 10 (Monday), has been announced on BS TV Tokyo.

The role of otaku girl Hull attracted attention in commercials and appeared one after another in topical works, becoming the first starring in a serial drama with full satisfaction.Ayako Yoshitani, Genderless boy Ao is a young talented actor who has a drama and presence in the movieKai InowakiIs decided!

Please look forward to the new bento drama that will be released in the BS TV Tokyo midnight drama frame, where the "Wakakozake" series is popular!

In addition, this drama will be distributed in various media, with the video distribution service NTT Plala "Hikari TV" deciding to pre-distribute for one week, and CS broadcasting and family theater broadcasting from one week after BS broadcasting. I will come.


[Cast comment]

© Machita / Coamix, © "Haru to Ao no Bento Box" Production Committee 2020

■ Haru (Haruha Kino) role Ayako Yoshitani
Otaku girl Haru who works at a university library.Lunch is jelly, sweets and suitable rice.If I have money, I would like to use it for game billing, figures and discs.I'm not good at cooking.

◆ Impressions of the first starring
There was pressure because it was the first starring role.There are so many conversations between the two (Haru and Ao) in this story, so I was worried that I could remember the lines ... (laughs).But since I'm going to do it, I want to do it proudly and happily!

◆ Impressions of reading the script
I thought it was a very heartwarming book.Both Haru and Ao were happy because the gentle feelings of thinking about each other were drawn very realistically.And when I actually had a favorite lunch box that my mother made when I was a student, and it was written in this script, it's fate!I tought.

◆ Episode at the shooting site
The atmosphere at the site is also soft and it's a lot of fun!Also this time, the amount of dialogue and the scene itself are really long, so I and Mr. Inowaki will give a little NG, but Mr. Inowaki's NG is Mr. Ao itself.It's already cute and cute.On the contrary, I want you to put out a lot of NG!I thought!smile
I was impressed by the attitude of Mr. Inowaki, who is Ao at all times, and once again realized the high level of professionalism.

◆ Enthusiasm
I'm a Zubora or a messy shop, but I hope I can firmly express Haru-chan, who has a cuteness and kindness that I can't hate.

◆ Message to viewers
Haru-chan is lazy with Zubora, but she has a gentle feeling, and Ao-san is serious and gentle, but she can't express her emotions well.Even if it looks perfect, there are some drawbacks to human beings, and there are various problems.I hope everyone will sympathize with that and feel warm!


© Machita / Coamix, © "Haru to Ao no Bento Box" Production Committee 2020

■ Ao (Ao Sato) role Kai Inowaki
Ao-kun, a genderless boy whom Haru meets at his favorite bar.Proposed to Hull to live together and make a lunch box.A good cook who watches over Hull like a mother.

◆ Impressions of reading the script
I thought it was very nice to see Haru and Ao communicating with each other through the exchange of lunch boxes.
And the lunch box that my mother had made was full of love, and I felt nostalgic that I was looking forward to opening the lid every day.

◆ Episode at the shooting site
On the first day of shooting, Mr. Yoshitani suddenly took a photo of his face and said, "Umi-kun is 88% Gypsophila paniculata."Apparently I was playing with an app that knows the name of the flower, but thanks to that, I was able to relax the tension on the first day and quickly started shooting.After that, I talked about various things, and as the shooting progressed, I felt that Mr. Yoshitani and the play were breathing more and more, and that a breathtaking combination was completed.

◆ Enthusiasm
Ao has gender concerns.I don't think it's a very delicate problem and there is no answer.
When I played, I thought about Ao a lot and came up with one idea.That is, "Ao is Ao."Ao is Ao in front of such things as men and women and gender identity.I want to play the role of living like Ao. 

◆ Message to viewers
The lunch box depicted in this drama is packed with "little happiness."When I read the script, I felt like I had the little happiness shared, and my heart was rejuvenated.
I'm sure many people will feel this little happiness.Please take a look.

© ︎Machita / Coremix

[Original author: Comment from Dr. Machita]
I'm drawing the manga "Haru to Ao", hoping that I can draw a little dream-like, very modest daily happiness in reality, and hope that people will sympathize with me.This time, I am very happy to be able to see the new world of "Haru to Ao" with the help of professionals from a strange world.After seeing the script of the drama and asking the names of the two cast members, Haru and Ao, I'm really looking forward to seeing the wonderful world of Haru and Ao.

Serialized in "Zenon editorial department"!

Otaku girl Haru (Ayako Yoshitani) working at a university library.One day, Hull is approached by a student. "Why are you always wearing uniforms?" "You can't wear clothes or hair! It's like a cursed doll." After that, a colleague invites me to lunch, but with a smartphone rather than rice. Haru, who wants to follow the information of his favorite anime, refuses with a suitable reason.Then I heard, "Somehow that person is a little weird. I feel sorry for him." Haru was merciful twice a day.That night, I went to my favorite bar to treat my trauma.There, he met a genderless boy, Ao-kun (Kai Inowaki), and got drunk and hit it off.To live together with momentum!However, the rule of living together is to make lunch boxes together ...! ??

[Program outline]
[Group name] "Haru and Ao's lunch box"
[Broadcast date and time] Start broadcasting on Monday, October 2020, 10 Every Monday from 12:0 to 00:0 midnight
[Broadcasting station] BS TV Tokyo (BS⑦ch) / BS TV Tokyo 4K (XNUMXK⑦ch)
[Original] "Haru to Ao no Bento Box" (serialized in the core mix / website "Zenon editorial department")
[Performance] Ayako Yoshitani, Kai Inowaki, etc.
[Supervisor] Yosuke Toda Ayaka Kato Akihito Kajiya
[Screenplay] Izumi Kawasaki Yuna Suzuki Erika Toyama Sayaka Abe
[Producer] Noriko Toishi (TV Tokyo) Yuichiro Sonobe (BS Tele East) Chiaki Mimoto (Telepack)
[Production] BS TV Tokyo / Telepack

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