The first year-end special of the drama "Wakakozake" "Wakakozake Special Hida Sake Brewery Tour" will be broadcast!


Two nights continuous broadcasting of the drama "Wakakozake Special Hida Sake Brewery Tour" has been decided from 12:29 on December 30th (Tuesday) and 11th (Wednesday) at BS TV Tokyo. "Wakakozake" (Chie Shunkyu) will be the first special drama in the popular drama series based on the original.

Wakako (Rina Takeda), who heard that there are many sake breweries in the Hida region of Gifu prefecture, decided to go on a trip to the sake breweries! Compare the taste of sake from 12 sake breweries, and enjoy a number of local and specialty dishes such as Hida beef.In addition, you can visit the world heritage site, Shirakawa-go, and relax at Okuhida Onsen.
During such a trip, Wakako meets Nguyen, a Vietnamese woman who works at a sake brewery, and deepens exchanges through sake.And, the encounter with warm people caused an unexpected drama ... Wakako sake, including the general (Yoshihiro Nozoe) and the clerk Aoyagi (Kenta Kamakari) of Wakako's favorite shop "Airaku" Of course, familiar members also appeared!
It has been decided that this work will be broadcast and distributed in Vietnam, where there is a friendly and cooperative relationship with Hue City in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, with the aim of appealing the charm of Japan.We will spread Japanese food culture to the world through the appearance of Wakako who enjoys local sake and local cuisine in the Hida region, which has the world heritage Shirakawa-go!

[Comment by Rina Takeda as Wakako Murasaki]

Being able to drink delicious sake means that there are people who make it.To cherish nature, culture and tradition. It took a lot of hard work and effort to make "delicious", and I felt once again through "Wakakozake" that I was relieved because they made it with time and love.With the feeling of gratitude every day, we, the cast and the staff, are making works with the same feelings.The president of the sake brewery who visited us this time said, "Wakakozake is the savior of the sake world." Six years ago, when I was filming Season 6, I never thought I would get these words.With a new cast, it's an original story unique to a special!Although it is such a time, I hope you can see it as if you were traveling with Wakako.May it be a work that makes someone feel at ease

In addition, as guests unique to this special drama, Tatsunori Tsujimoto of the entertainment group "BOYS AND MEN" will play the role of Tetsuya, the son of the general of "Airaku", and actress Phongchi, who is active in the stage and drama as Tetsuya's lover Nguyen. Has been decided to appear!In addition to the familiar people, pay attention to the drama that these two people unfold.


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[Before the latest work! "Wakakozake Season 5" broadcast at once]

Before the broadcast of "Wakakozake Special Hida Sake Brewery Tour", "Wakakozake Season 5" will be broadcast for 3 consecutive days!At the end of the year, let's drink at home while watching "Wakakozake"!

"I can't wait until the special! 3 days in a row! I'll show you all XNUMX Wakakozake"
● December 12 (Sun) 27:2 pm to 4:5 pm "Wakakozake Season 1" Episodes 4 to XNUMX
● December 12 (Monday) 28:2 pm to 4:5 pm "Wakakozake Season 5" Episodes 8 to XNUMX
● December 12 (Tuesday) 29:2 pm to 4:5 pm "Wakakozake Season 9" Episodes 12 to XNUMX


[Program outline]

[Program name]"Wakakozake Special Hida Sake Brewery Tour"
【Broadcast date and time】December 2020, 12 (Tuesday) 29:11 pm Part XNUMX "Night of a melting trip to Hida beef"
     December 2020, 12 (Wednesday) 30:11 pm Part XNUMX "Okuhida Onsen Unraveling Heart"
【Delivery】Exclusive distribution on NTT Plala "Hikari TV"
【Broadcaster】BS TV Tokyo BS ⑦ch <nationwide free broadcast>
    BS TV Tokyo XNUMXK XNUMXK ⑦ch <nationwide free broadcast>
【original】 "Wakakozake" Chie Shunkyu (Monthly Comic Zenon / Coamix)
[Cast] Rina Takeda Yoshihiro Kamakari Kenta Kamakari Masaru Hotta Kinuwo Yamada Mizuki Watanabe Takayuki Sakoi Shinya Hasegawa Norimoto Niwa Kohei Shiotsuka Phongchi Tatsunori Tsujimoto
【directed by】 Shinji Kuma
[Screenplay] Aso Kumiko
【producer】 Noriko Kobayashi (TV Tokyo), Yasushi Minatoya (The Fool), Mitsuo Ishii (M Rocks)
【Production】 BS TV Tokyo / Zafur
【Production】 2020 "Wakakozake Special Hida Sake Brewery Tour" Production Committee
【Official HP】
【Official Twitter】@Wakakozake_tv

© 2020 "Wakakozake Special Hida Sake Brewery Tour" Production Committee "

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