Drama "Iburi Seikatsu" opening & ending theme, additional cast, key visual ban!

The opening theme and ending theme of the drama "Iburi Seikatsu", which will start at 2022:4 pm on Monday, April 4, 10, has been decided!

The opening theme is LMYK "Square One", a singer-songwriter who immediately captivates listeners with a beautiful whispering voice.The gentle melody and the warm lyrics that are close to the work make it an impressive and comfortable song.The ending theme is the ever-evolving mixed-sex 5-member dance and vocal group lol-El Oel- "Lovely Time".It is a song that is suitable for the ending theme, with all the members trying to write the lyrics for the first time, and as the title suggests, lovely music and words are spun.The world view of this work will be colored by the wonderful music that has been carefully made.

In addition, an additional cast will be announced!

In addition to the starring Mirai Shida and Yuki Izumisawa, an additional cast has been announced that will liven up "Iburi Seikatsu".The role of Kaoru Sayama, a cafe clerk whose store manager is Yoriko, gave an overwhelming impression with a wide range of expressive power in the drama "Oshako Sommelier Oshako!" (TV Tokyo). Mr. Honoka Yahagi who is showing.Kaoru's boyfriend, a barber apprentice, Shota Kano, is a young actor who has been active in movies, dramas, and theatrical performances, and has the highest expected value, Riku Ichikawa.The younger brother of the tour, played by Izumisawa, and a university student, Kikinori Koiwai, played "3rd grade A group-everyone is a hostage from now on-" (NTV). Yuki Imai, an actor who fascinates what you see.And the role of Minako Seto, the mother of Yoriko who plays Shida, is an actress who has been active on the front lines with her beauty and acting that has not changed from her debut to the present, and has played the role of mother of many works. Mako Ishino.Please look forward to the heart-full gourmet drama "Iburi Seikatsu" sent by wonderful songs and actors!

Artist comment


The drama "Iburi Seikatsu" has finally started.I'm looking forward to seeing the story of Yoriko and Tsuru in live action.The opening song "Square One" expresses the feeling of security of being as usual and the curiosity of seeking new discoveries in the repeated days.Every moment when it is repainted, it always seems to return to the first square of the blank sheet, but life is surely piled up and the story is drawn.It would be great if the song could be a song that shares both failure and joy and is close to the love of the two who slowly deepens.

[Lol El Oel]

We are very happy that we, lol, will be in charge of the ending theme song for Iburi Seikatsu.
For the first time, all five members wrote the lyrics while imagining the story of the drama.
I hope the song will warm your heart, such as feeling happy in casual everyday life, loving the people next to you, and being close to the heartwarming and dear time of Yoriko and Makoto.I hope you will love this song along with the drama.
hibiki (lol-El Oel-)

Cast comment

[Comment by Honoka Yahagi]

Originally I was reading the original, so I can get involved in the work!I was very happy and the theme is smoked food, so I wonder if I can eat a lot of smoked food.I was excited.Through the work, I would like to get delicious smoked food and try it at home!I was fascinated.I hope everyone can feel the joy of smoking and the relaxing and healing days.

[Comment by Riku Ichikawa]

Immediately after hearing the story, I went to buy the original, started reading, and was hungry for the delicious smoked food.Hearing the names of the cast members made me feel more relaxed, and at the same time, I was really looking forward to participating in the scene.Since I actually ate the delicious smoked food that appears in the play, I think that the realistic expression will be conveyed to the viewers.Shota has many parts that are similar to herself, so I played while superimposing.Please look forward to what kind of relationship Shota will build with Ms. Tsuru, Ms. Yoriko, and Kaoru!

[Comment by Yuki Imai]

I thought that the smoked gourmet drama would be extremely pinpoint.I was only familiar with smoked eggs, so I didn't know that the cooking method was so rich in repertoire that I could make a serial drama.I was excited that I would be able to eat the first thing in my life.The shooting was done in a warm atmosphere, and it was a very comfortable place.

[Comment by Mako Ishino]

I used to say "Iburi-gakko" with a unique title, but this kind of delicious life seems to be fun.I'm hungry and feel like smoking a variety of foods.Please watch the drama and try to get rid of it.

The key visual is also lifted!

Yoriko and Makoto enjoy smoking and have a conversation with a smile, and the result is a wonderful visual that is packed with all of the work!Just before the broadcast, please come and take a peek at the cohabitation of the two people on the other side of the TV with smoked food in one hand!looking forward to! !!

[Original information]

"Iburi Living" Chiharu Oshima
Issued by: Coamix 
Zenon Comics Volumes 1-9 are now on sale!

Reprinted serialized in "Zenon editorial department"!

A city in the corner of Tokyo.Yoriko (26) and Tsuru (24), who live together, are busy with each other and cannot talk slowly on weekdays.On Sunday, the only holiday when the two of them overlap, they just said, "Speaking of which, did you see that video?" "I found a strange vegetable at a greengrocer."On Sunday evening, a relaxing time will bring deliciousness and happiness to their hearts.
“The waiting time is the most delicious.”
Smoked x cohabiting manga with a cumulative total of over 50 copies !!

<Profile> Chiharu Oshima

manga artist.He won the 18th Comic Zenon Manga Audition Semi-Grand Prix.Engrave his memorable lines in the reader's chest.His other masterpiece is "Mr. Watatani's Friend" (Coamix).
[Program outline]
[Program name] Monday drama "Iburi Seikatsu"
[Broadcast date and time] April 2022, 4 (Monday) 1:XNUMX pm Broadcast start (serial drama)
[Broadcasting station] BS Matsutake Tokyu (BS260ch / Free broadcast for general organization)
[Original] Chiharu Oshima "Iburi Seikatsu" (Zenon Comics / Coamix)
[Starring] Mirai Shida
[Co-star] Yuki Izumisawa Honoka Yahagi Riku Ichikawa Yuki Imai Mako Ishino
[Screenplay] Nanoha Ito is Kokeshi Murata, Rieko Mita, Ami Inagawa, Momoka Toyoda.
[Director] Kento Handa, Tommy Chan, Sho Ito, Satoshi Soyama, Takuhei Mizuochi
[Opening theme] LMYK "Square One" (Sony Music Labels)
[Ending theme] lol-El Oel- "Lovely time" (avex trax)
[Producers] Koji Shigetomi, Yasuko Kobayashi, Hayato Tanabe, Yusuke Namba
[Production] BS Matsutake Tokyu PROTX
[Station Official Twitter] @ BS260_official

© Chiharu Oshima / Coamix / BS Matsutake Tokyu / PROTX

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