A character drawn by Tetsuo Hara appears in the new poker game app "M Hold'em"!


"Texas Hold'em" is a poker game with a competitive population of over 1 million people worldwide and some professional players who win large prizes overseas.
Sammy Corporation will release the smartphone app "M Hold'em" on July 7st so that even those who play "Texas Hold'em" for the first time can play while learning the rules as if playing a game (pre-registration is required). Reception starts on June 1th).
The app holds tournament-style tournaments on a daily basis, and if you win, you can get original goods, products, and prize money.

Tetsuo Hara has drawn two of the 10 characters that appear in this game.You can set it as an avatar and enjoy the unique character of Tetsuo Hara.

Click here for the characters "Masa Osaka" and "Ken Shishio" drawn by Tetsuo Hara

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