The musical "Fist of the North Star-Fist of the North Star-" will be performed!

From December 2021, "Fist of the North Star-Fist of the North Star-" will be performed at the Nissay Theater in Tokyo.

The role of Kenshiro is the actor who shocked the musical world by demonstrating his extraordinary physical ability in the role of Bart in "Mary Poppins" and the role of Older Billy in "Billy Elliot ~ Little Dancer ~". Yusuke Onuki.Kenshiro's older brother, Toki, will be challenged by Kazuki Kato and Ryunosuke Onoda, who are becoming more and more prominent in the musical world, with a double cast, and Kanata Irei and Rio Uehara, who have a reputation for singing ability, will play the roles of Rei and Juza. Instead, they play alternately.

Tatsuya Kawaguchi, who is indispensable in the musical world, plays Ryuken, the father of Kenshiro's brothers, and Takuya Uehara and Toshihiro Ueda, who are remarkably growing, play the role of Kenshiro's enemy, Shin.Please wait for future announcements regarding the roles of Raoh, Yuria, Rin, and Bat.
Please also pay attention to the collaboration between Frank Wildhorn, the director, Sachiko Ishimaru, the script and lyrics by Ako Takahashi, and the choreography by Jao Ming, staff from three countries in the United States and China.

■ Original: Buronson

I'm afraid that I'll hit him before singing and dancing ... (laughs), but he said that he would be able to play the "destiny" and "love" that he cherished in the work, so I'm looking forward to what kind of cutting method he will make. We are ♪

■ Manga: Tetsuo Hara

Mr. Onuki, who plays the role of Kenshiro, has a physique and physical ability that is far from the Japanese, and he has a warm singing voice in the high range! !!

The Tokyo performance will be performed at the Nissay Theater in December 2021, followed by a domestic tour performance, and a China tour performance in 12.
Tickets will be on sale this fall.Please see the official website for details.

[Outline of performance]

"Fist of North Star-Fist of the North Star-"

Period: December 2021
Venue: Nissay Theater
* Domestic tour performances and China tour performances available

Original: Manga "Fist of the North Star" (Original: Buronson Manga: Tetsuo Hara)
Composer: Frank Wildhorn
Director: Sachiko Ishimaru
Screenplay / Lyrics: Ako Takahashi
Choreography: Zhao Ming
Cooperation: Coamix Co., Ltd.
Organizer: Horipro / Hakuhodo DY Media Partners / Dyeing Space Ranspace
Planning and production: Horipro

© Buronson / Tetsuo Hara / Coamix 1983 Copyright License GS-111

Kenshiro: Yusuke Onuki
Toki: Kazuki Kato / Ryunosuke Onoda (W cast)
Shin: Takuya Uehara / Kandai Ueda (W cast)
Ryuken et al .: Tatsuya Kawaguchi
Rei, Juza: Kanata Irei / Rio Uehara (alternate roles)
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