End-of-the-century carbonated drink "Yabe Cola" released! !

"Oh no!! If I drink this, won't I get healthier!?"
That's what the Zako characters that appear in Fist of the North Star are likely to shout out involuntarily.
Introducing an impactful green craft cola!

The cloudy green color comes from the use of Yabe tea from Kumamoto prefecture.
The umami of Yabe tea finished with a rare kettle roasting method and
The spiciness of craft cola is the best match♪
This is an addictive taste! ! ?

A large collection of Zako characters in a special package!
Limited production so if you can get it
Now, not the end of the century!

[Fist of the North Star] End of the century carbonated drink Yabe cola 6 bottles set

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