Kobu Sake Brewery "Fist of the North Star Black King Bottle Set" is on sale in advance at Makuake!


Kobu Sake Brewery 333th Anniversary!Pre-order sales of a set of two types of pottery bottles and shochu glasses with the best modeling and shochu with the motif of the proud beloved horses "Black King" and "Kenou Helmet" as a symbol of Raoh have started at Macake. ..World-class technology is brought together to produce the ultimate shochu for "Fist of the North Star" fans around the world.A luxurious set of masterpiece pottery bottles and shochu glasses, reproduced with amazing quality by Tetsuo Hara. It is the ultimate dish that has been carefully selected "without a piece of regret".

◆ Fist of the North Star Black King Bottle Set (with paulownia box)

<Attention point! >
(1000) The black king bottle with a reproducibility of XNUMX%, which Tetsuo Hara also admitted!Completely supervised by animation director Mr. Wada!
(XNUMX) The prototype design is the precision technology of Mr. JIRO, who is also active in the world of special makeup and figures!
③ The bottled shochu is made by Kobu Sake Brewery, and is made with the honey potato "Kouharu".

● Makuake pre-sale Limited number of 100 sets 165,000 yen (tax included)

・ Black King bottle (with potato shochu) x 1 point
・ Fist of the North Star Rock Glass x 1 point
・ Fist of the North Star Hot water split glass x 1 point
・ Original leaflet x 1 point

* Design and specifications are subject to change.note that.
* The shipping time may be delayed depending on the order status, the supply status of the materials used, the manufacturing process, etc.

【project overview】

Project page
Sale period: From February 2022, 2 (Friday) to March 11, 2022 (Thursday)
Target amount: 1,650,000 yen

◆ "Fist of the North Star" x "Kobu Sake Brewery" product development story

It started 3 years ago.Mr. Takuya Wada, the animation director of many famous animations, including the animation "Fist of the North Star", met with President Mitsutake of Kobu Sake Brewery, and the "Manga x Shochu" project was launched and is still loved all over the world. A collaboration shochu with the blockbuster manga "Fist of the North Star" was born.
"Fist of the North Star x Kobu Sake Brewery" born in this way, Imo Shochu is based on "Invitation to the Makai", so far "Kenshiro", "Raoh", "Toki", "Souther", "Juza", " We sell 140 kinds of shochu with flavors that match each character's image, such as "Jagi" and "Rei".The design of the bottle is also very high, and it has become a very popular product with a cumulative total of XNUMX million shipments since its release.
Then, as the culmination of "Fist of the North Star x Kobu Sake Brewery", the ultimate masterpiece "Kuroo-go Bottle" was born, expressing the style of the king of the late century champion "Raoh" and sticking to it using raw sake.

The "Black King Bottle" produced under the supervision of Tetsuo Hara was born from a design drawing by animation director Takuya Wada.

The prototype of the bottle was commissioned by Amazing JIRO, a special make-up artist who is active not only in Japan but around the world.It was also the moment when Tetsuo Hara supervised the attention to detail, pursued its power, beauty, and fierceness, and brought it to life as a model from a design drawing.
We checked every detail of the prototype requested by Amazing JIRO and made corrections to get closer to the image of the Black King.We are pursuing realism in the fur, muscles, and decoration of the Black King.We are particular about not only bottles but also shochu glasses, and we have designed the image of the world of "Fist of the North Star" so that you can enjoy it when you use it or decorate it.
After repeating trial and error seven times, the prototype of the "Black King Bottle" was completed.

The blueprint of the completed prototype was handed over to Mr. Tsuji, a ceramist of 224 porcelain, and he requested the production of "Kuroo-go Bottle" and "Shochu Glass".Manufacture with ceramics requires high technology and experience, and as a result of efforts to reproduce the commitment in millimeters, it was finally completed after repeated trial production.Finally, I was convinced that when I filled the finished bottle with Imo Jōchu, which was inspired by the "Kuroo-go", and picked up the finished bottle, I was sure that I would be delighted with its noble beauty.In addition to pursuing only the design, the shochu glass that considers when you hold it and when you use it will produce a wonderful time from the moment you pick it up.

The contents of the bottle are the ultimate dish that Kobu Sake Brewery is proud of, which boasts the 333rd anniversary of its founding and has produced seven types of Hokuto no Kenimo Shochu.It is a specially prepared Imo-jochu 37 degree sake with a refreshing taste and a noble and sweet scent.This imo jōchu, which can be enjoyed in both rock and hot water, is a limited sake that can only be enjoyed by those who have purchased the "Kuroo-go Bottle", and is a rare item with a limited quantity and acquisition method.Imo-jochu made from the honey potato "Kouharu", which is not widely available on the market, is a highly rare potato-jochu with a sweet scent and richness, and a sweetness that makes you feel delicious.

There is also a message from Tetsuo Hara in the enclosed leaflet, so please enjoy it as well.

For fans who love "Fist of the North Star", the ultimate dish "Kuroou Bottle" produced by world-class technology.
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