Great response all over the world!A commemorative illustration has arrived from Mr. Azichika, the original drawing of the anime "Walkure of the End"! & "Live broadcast CM" lifted!


It's been a week since the worldwide exclusive distribution of the anime "Record of Ragnarok" on Netflix started.
In Japan, Netflix's "Today's TOP10 (Overall)" ranked first from the start of distribution, and it has recorded a good start such as rising to the trend of Twitter!It has received a great deal of attention not only in Japan but throughout the world, and is now a hot work.

In response to the great response of the anime release, a commemorative illustration has arrived from Mr. Azichika, who is in charge of drawing the original manga!
Brynhildr is drawn to express gratitude to the viewers.

In addition, comments have arrived from Masao Okubo, who was the director of this anime, and Masaki Sato, who was the character designer!
Director Okubo said, "I'm glad that many people enjoyed it," and commented, "I would appreciate your further support so that we can produce the second season of the anime version as well."
Character design Mr. Sato commented, "I worked to reproduce the power of the original," while looking back on the production, "I am looking forward to the future development of the selected warriors in human history."

In addition, a new "live broadcast CM" will be released, where you can feel as if you are watching the battle between the gods and humankind!
The part that corresponds to the introduction of the work is summarized, and it is finished in a video that makes you want to see the future.

Keep an eye on the hotly-talked-about anime "Record of Ragnarok"!

Live broadcast CM



Animated commemorative fair is being held at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA!

"" Record of Ragnarok "Animation Commemorative Fair" is being held at the comics section on the 1st basement floor of SHIBUYA TSUTAYA!

In addition to exhibiting materials that cannot normally be seen, such as the name of the original manga and the original drawing of the anime, "Adam's life-size figure", which will be unveiled for the first time, is also on display.
Please enjoy with the newly recorded "Announcement in the store by Adam (CV: Soma Saito)"!

Event Dates
June 2021th (Friday) -September 6th (Friday), 18

SHIBUYA TSUTAYA B1F Comics Section (150-0042 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 21-6)

Implementation content
Adam life-size figure exhibition
In-store announcement broadcast by Adam (CV: Soma Saito)
Bookstore clerk wearing "Adam Muscle T-shirt"
Anime appearance cast autographed poster exhibition
Original manga name and anime original picture exhibition
Original original goods sale (Comics cover XNUMXD acrylic stand / God VS human tally acrylic key chain)
Distribution of special postcards to original comic purchasers



Official site:
Official Twitter: @ragnarok_PR # Record of Ragnarok

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