The long-awaited new work of the movie version "City Hunter" has been decided! Announced on the anniversary of the 35th anniversary of the release of TM NETWORK "Get Wild"!



"City Hunter", which Tsukasa Hojo started serializing in "Weekly Shonen Jump" in 1985, will celebrate 35 years since the start of TV animation broadcasting.In addition, the movie version of "Theatrical Version City Hunter <Shinjuku Private Eyes>" (released on February 20, 2019), which is the first in 2 years, is a big hit with over 8 billion yen! !!Although "City Hunter" is getting more and more exciting, the long-awaited new movie version has been decided to be produced.
Of course, Akira Kamiya will play the role of Ryo Saeba in the new movie version!Of course, the ending theme is TM NETWORK "Get Wild"!
Moreover, today, April 2022, 4, which is the information release date for the production decision, is the anniversary of the 8th anniversary of the release of "Get Wild" (April 35, 1987)!

In addition to Tsukasa Hojo and Akira Kamiya, who played the role of Ryo Saeba, we received comments from Tetsuya Komuro of TM NETWORK regarding the decision to produce the new movie version!

Comments on the production decision

■ Original: Tsukasa Hojo

Thank you for waiting for the new work.I am deeply moved to tell everyone about this day, which is exactly 35 years since the first episode of the anime. It has been decided that "Get Wild" will also be used for the ending.
I can't tell you the details yet, but this new work is likely to have a different taste and lid from the previous one.I hope you are looking forward to it.

■ Ryo Saeba: Akira Kamiya

I was happy when I heard the news.The eternal hero, Ryo Saeba, is back.I want to make a wonderful work that does not disappoint, such as story and music.
"Don't make me wait. You called me!"

■ TM NETWORK: Tetsuya Komuro

"Get Wild" wouldn't have been possible without "City Hunter".
I thought again that a long-selling hit song that has been loved for 35 years cannot be made no matter how much you aim. "Get Wild" is already like a "person".Thank you.
We are looking forward to the latest work of "City Hunter".

Please look forward to the future development of the new "City Hunter the Movie"!

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