Tetsuo Hara appointed police chief for one day!


On October 10, Tetsuo Hara served as the chief of the Koiwa Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department for the purpose of preventing the increase in special fraud in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo.

Manga artist Yoshihiro Takahashi (masterpiece "Silver Fang-The Shooting Star Gin-") who served as an assistant before Hara's debut, and Akira Miyashita (masterpiece "Kai !! Otoko") who supported the golden age of "Weekly Shonen Jump" together. Juku ”) and work with 3 people.

The reason for the appointment was the nomination from Professor Yoshihiro Takahashi.Mr. Takahashi was asked by the Koiwa police station to spend his youth in Koiwa, and he spoke to his former disciple, Mr. Miyashita, and Hara, so this three-person one-day chief was realized. Did.

At the press conference, Hara, who was asked if he had a special fraud experience, answered with humor about his own measures against fraud, saying, "I have unplugged the phone line, so I will not receive fraudulent calls (laughs)." ..
After the dispatch ceremony, Hara, dressed in a police officer's uniform, visited the relevant places under his jurisdiction, including in front of JR Koiwa Station. We distributed a clear file using a picture drawn by three people and called for the prevention of special fraud damage.

Appointment ceremony (the photo on the right is the original).Yoshihiro Takahashi is in the center, and Akira Miyashita is on the left.

Surrounded by many interviewers, it appeals to prevent damage from special fraud.

Dispatch ceremony (the photo on the right is the original). The mission started with three cars.

A newly drawn poster posted at JR Koiwa Station.

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