Cohabitation x smoked manga "Iburi Seikatsu" starring Mirai Shida will make a drama!


It has been decided to make a drama of "Iburi Seikatsu", which depicts the smoked life of a holiday by two people who live together for the third year.
With Mirai Shida as the lead actor and Yuki Izumisawa as the lead actor, it will start airing on BS Matsutake Tokyu (BS260ch, free broadcast) from 2022:4 pm on Monday, April 4, 10.
On holidays, he cooks smoked homemade dishes and usually plays the cafe's manager, Yoriko, a non-stop actress from his debut to the present, appearing in numerous works and always showing his presence.・ Mirai Shida.
Yuki Izumisawa, a freeter who lives with Yoriko, plays a part-time job while working part-time, and has appeared in many works with a strong presence in recent years.It is a heart-full gourmet drama that deepens mutual relationships through smoking. Please look forward to the "exquisite atmosphere of a cohabiting couple"!

[Comment by Mirai Shida]

I am very honored to be able to appear in the first serial drama since the opening of the station.
I had read the original story of "Iburi Seikatsu" before the appearance was decided, so
I was happy when it was decided that I would be performing.I was watching the manga, thinking that the smoked food they made would look very delicious in the relaxed atmosphere of Yoriko.
There are many cooking scenes in the script of the drama, and I get hungry when I read it.
I hope that the enjoyment and deliciousness of smoked food will be conveyed to the viewers.
I think Mr. Izumisawa is a person who wears a gentle atmosphere with a sense of security like a tour.Having co-starred once, I think he is a very reliable actor, so I would like to make a wonderful work together.
I would like to carefully express the atmosphere of the manga that makes you feel at home in the interaction between the two.
I will do my best to make the drama full of deliciousness and heal my daily fatigue, so please look forward to it.

[Comment by Yuki Izumisawa]

Originally I liked smoked food, and I often ate it at stores.
This work, which is based on smoked food, can be done at home for the first time!I knew that, and it seems to be extremely profound, and once I do it, I'm likely to get hooked lol
The script was very smiley and I enjoyed the relationship and growth of the two.On the other hand, this is difficult, lol
Basically, I smoke and eat at home, so it's a conversational play between two people, and the scene is long.I'm going to have a hard time until I get used to it ...
However, I'm really looking forward to interacting with Mirai Shida!
I once co-starred with Mr. Shida, but as I did at that time, I was very relieved because he was a charming person and I was able to discuss each other's anxieties when reading the book.And Mr. Shida has warm hands!
The charm of smoking at home, the happiness of eating delicious food, and the happiness of eating with someone and sharing the space.And I would like to deliver the warmth to everyone.looking forward to!

[Comment by Koji Shigetomi, Production Bureau, BS Matsutake Tokyu]

A heartwarming drama suitable for the opening of BS Matsutake Tokyu will start.
Over the past few years, I have been spending more time at home on self-restraint and remote work, and people's lives have had to change.
Meanwhile, through this drama, I hope that you will discover the moment when you feel a little happiness in your everyday life and feel the joy of nurturing it carefully.
There are also many fascinating dishes in the drama.
Please enjoy how the hearts of young men and women become more and more delicious over time like smoked food.

In addition, illustrations and comments have arrived from the original author, Chiharu Oshima!

[Comment by Chiharu Oshima, the original author]

When I was contacted by the person in charge of the drama, I was full of surprises and joy, and even after I hung up, my heart was pounding and I was absent-minded for a while.
After that, every time I saw the script that was sent to me and received a notification that the cast was decided, I became more aware of it.
I think that many people had a lot of trouble to make this corona sword and drama.
We would also like to thank all the people who respected the characters of Tsuru and Yoriko, took care not to destroy the atmosphere of the two, and were involved in the production.


[Original information]

"Iburi Living" Chiharu Oshima
Issued by: Coamix 
Zenon Comics Volumes 1-9 are now on sale!

A city in the corner of Tokyo.Yoriko (26) and Tsuru (24), who live together, are busy with each other and cannot talk slowly on weekdays.On Sunday, the only holiday when the two of them overlap, they just said, "Speaking of which, did you see that video?" "I found a strange vegetable at a greengrocer."On Sunday evening, a relaxing time will bring deliciousness and happiness to their hearts.
“The waiting time is the most delicious.”
Smoked x cohabiting manga with a cumulative total of over 50 copies !!


<Profile> Chiharu Oshima

manga artist.He won the 18th Comic Zenon Manga Audition Semi-Grand Prix.Engrave his memorable lines in the reader's chest.His other masterpiece is "Mr. Watatani's Friend" (Coamix).


3-year-old Yoriko (Mirai Shida) and 26-year-old tour (Yuki Izumisawa), who are in their third year of living together.
Each other's holidays overlap only on one day every Sunday.
The only way to enjoy the two overlapping holidays is to make a lot of treats and eat slowly to cultivate your spirit.While being a little extravagant, I smoke and eat the ingredients today.
The food you eat smoked is exceptional, but the time you smoke is also important.
Watch movies and play games while smoking.
Sometimes I eat sweets slowly on the balcony.
Even if they fight or pass each other, by "smoking", the two grow up little by little.
It's just like the relationship between the two is smoked.

[Program outline]

[Program name] Monday drama "Iburi Seikatsu" 
[Broadcast date and time] April 2022, 4 (Monday) 1:XNUMX pm Broadcast start (serial drama)
[Broadcasting station] BS Matsutake Tokyu (BS260ch / Free broadcast for general organization)
[Original] Chiharu Oshima "Iburi Seikatsu" (Zenon Comics / Coamix)
[Starring] Mirai Shida
[Co-star] Yuki Izumisawa
[Screenplay] Nanoha Ito is Kokeshi Murata, Rieko Mita, Ami Inagawa, Momoka Toyoda.
[Director] Kento Handa, Kazunari Tomita, Sho Ito, Satoshi Soyama, Takuhei Mizuochi
[Producers] Koji Shigetomi, Yasuko Kobayashi, Hayato Tanabe, Yusuke Namba
[Production] BS Matsutake Tokyu PROTX
[Station Official Twitter] @ BS260_official

© Chiharu Oshima / Coamix / BS Matsutake Tokyu / PROTX

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