Takarazuka Revue Performance Musical "CITY HUNTER" -Stolen XYZ- Poster visual lifted!



The poster visuals for the Takarazuka Revue musical "CITY HUNTER" -stolen XYZ-, and the show orchestra "Fire Fever!", Which will start in August 2021, have been lifted.

[Takarazuka Grand Theater / Tokyo Takarazuka Theater Performance]

Snow Troupe Performance << Starring >> Sakina Ayakaze, Kiwa Asazuki

Musical "CITY HUNTER" -Stolen XYZ-

Original / Tsukasa Hojo "City Hunter"
© Tsukasa Hojo / Coamix 1985
Screenplay / Director / Yoshimasa Saito

Show Orchestra
"Fire Fever!"
Written and directed by Daichi Inaba

■ Takarazuka Grand Theater: August 2021th (Sat) -September 8th (Mon), 7
 <General advance sale Saturday, July 2021, 7>

■ Tokyo Takarazuka Theater: October 2021nd (Sat) -November 10th (Sun), 2
 <General advance sale Sunday, September 2021, 9>

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