Keiji calls attention to the prevention of special fraud!Completion of special fraud damage prevention poster!

At the Tomisaka Police Station in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, a special fraud damage prevention poster was produced using the original picture of "Keiji Hana-Beyond the Clouds".We will prevent special fraud and alert the elderly and residents living in the Tomisaka police station.

From today, September 9th, it will be posted on bulletin boards set up by neighborhood associations, Bunkyo Ward offices, financial institutions, station premises located in the jurisdiction, etc.

We also produced clear file magnets using this poster.It will be distributed at special fraud awareness events under the jurisdiction of the Tomisaka Police Station in the future. 

Contact 03-3817-0110


Comment from Tetsuo Hara

"The damage caused by fraud does not decrease" "The number of young people receiving children is increasing"
I received such a consultation from the Tomisaka police station, but all I can do is tell something with a picture ☆
I have provided the picture of "Keiji Hana" that I have drawn with all my heart.
Everyone, please be careful about fraudulent phone calls that deceive police officers or deceive ward offices.

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