New animation "City Hunter the Movie (tentative title)" will be released in early spring 2019!


The new feature-length animation of "City Hunter" based on Tsukasa Hojo will be released in early spring 2019.

It has been decided that the original cast from the TV anime Ryo Saeba will be played by Akira Kamiya and Kaori Makimura will be played by Kazue Ikura.Sunrise will continue to be in charge of animation production, and Kenji Kodama, who was the director of TV animation and the past movie version "City Hunter" as the general director, and Yoichi Kato, who was the series composition and screenwriter of "Yo-Kai Watch", is the script. It will be the first time to participate in the work.

The story is a completely new story in which Ryo Saeba and Kaori play an active role in the current Shinjuku stage.The first visual is newly drawn by the original author, Tsukasa Hojo, for this work.The appearance of Ryo Saeba and incense, which are the same as those at that time, is a visual that makes us feel that we will be active in Shinjuku today.

(C) Tsukasa Hojo / NSP / "2019 Movie City Hunter" Production Committee

A special movie commemorating the production decision will also be released along with the release of the information ban!In addition, comments have arrived from the original by Tsukasa Hojo, the general director by Kenji Kodama, the role of Ryo Saeba by Akira Kamiya, and the role of Kaori Makimura by Kazue Ikura.Please pay attention to "City Hunter the Movie", which is revived with a completely new story that fans all over the world have been waiting for!


"Theatrical version City Hunter (tentative title)"
Early Spring 2019 Roadshow

Ryo Saeba: Akira Kamiya
Kaori Makimura: Kazue Ikura

Original: Tsukasa Hojo
General Director: Kenji Kodama ("City Hunter" "Detective Conan")
Screenplay: Yoichi Kato ("Yokai Watch")
Animation production: Sunrise
Distribution: Aniplex

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