Myojo Noodle God x Record of Ragnarok "Record of Ragnarok" campaign started!

Myojo Noodle God x Record of Ragnarok Twitter Follow & Share Campaign has started today!

■ Implementation details
① On the campaign site, challenge the gods to a rock-paper-scissors battle.
(XNUMX) After rock-paper-scissors, follow the official Twitter campaign account of Myojo Foods on "STEP XNUMX" on the site.
③ Click the "STEP2" button to move to the Twitter posting screen, and post with the preset "@myojofoods_jp" mention and "#Noodle God Valkyrie" left.
④ After the lottery every month, we will send a direct message (DM) to the winners.Winners will receive the prize when they fill out the DM application form and send it.
* Communication charges will be borne by the customer. 

"Myojo Noodle God"

■ Application acceptance period
1st December 2020, 12-December 4, 2020
2st December 2020, 12-December 11, 2020 
3st December 2021, 1-December 8, 2021       
4st December 2021, 1-December 15, 2021     
5st December 2021, 2-December 5, 2021       
6st December 2021, 2-December 12, 2021 

■ Twitter official account

■ Present
By lottery, 100 people will be presented with 1 case (12 meals) of "Myojo Noodle God Cup Shinta Noodle x Soy Sauce" every month.

■ Announcement of winning results
We will contact you via Twitter Direct Message (DM) (be sure to follow the official account).For more information, please visit the campaign site.

Myojo Noodle God x Record of Ragnarok Campaign Site

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