Monthly Comic Zenon July issue is on sale!



The July issue of "Monthly Comic Zenon" edited by Coamix was released on May 7th!


The color at the beginning of this issue of this magazine is

"Dodoma" special feature to commemorate the release of the first volume of the comic.

It is a digest of episodes XNUMX-XNUMX!


In addition, Volume ④ will be released on June 6th.

Serialized in "WEB Comic Zenyon"

"Hokuto no Ken Strawberry Flavor" special edition is posted on a business trip!

The manga is "Mountain Fudo" drawn by Yukito's older sister, Yukito!


Detailed information on anime has been unveiled on the final page of "Wakakozake"!

Starts at 7:5 pm on Sunday, July 10th on TOKYO MX and Sun TV

Thank you for watching the anime "Wakakozake" ☆

To the official website of the anime "Wakakozake"


◆ New serialization information ◆

"Eating food beast"

On the GZ page, a new series that is soothing and cute! !!

Food?Pet?Heal a deflated heart

The birth of strange creatures ☆


Please enjoy!


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