Monthly Comic Zenon November issue released on September 11th (Friday)!

The November issue of Monthly Comic Zenon was released on September 9th (Friday).

[Highlights of the September issue of Monthly Comic Zenon]

◆ The cover of the battle manga "Record of Ragnarok", which has exceeded 400 million copies in total!

The confrontation between Shiva, the destructive god of India, and Raiden, the unrivaled sumo wrestler representing humankind, is in a good condition.
What I saw when Shiva, who was aiming for the top, reached the "top of the Indian world".


◆ New development of "Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist Aoi Midori"!

"Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacy Aoi Midori", which reached the final episode of the TV drama on the 24th, is moving to a new chapter.The figure of Midori struggling in front of her parents who refused vaccination is depicted.


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Monthly Comic Zenon September 2020
List price: 627 yen + tax
Editing / Publishing / Release: Coamix

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