Monthly Comic Zenon August 2021 issue released on June 8th (Friday)!

The August 6 issue of Monthly Comic Zenon was released on Friday, June 25th.

[Highlights of the September issue of Monthly Comic Zenon]

"Record of Ragnarok" exceeded 700 million copies! Simultaneous worldwide distribution of anime on Netflix! A special clear file limited to this month's issue is included!

"Record of Ragnarok", which has started to be distributed as an anime, has 2 episodes on the cover and intro color!The 6th round of the human race representative, Buddha, and the god side representative, Zerofuku.Buddha speaks to Reifuku while avoiding the blow of Reifuku, who is jealous of Buddha.Reifuku soon realizes that his negative emotions were the flip side of his longing for Buddha.After striking each other with his bare hands, Reifuku was distressed and fell to the ground.When it seemed that the victory or defeat was decided, something happened to Reifuku's body, and two dragons appeared ...


A new serialization of cat ears maids who are lazy and cute! "Smoking Maid Romance"

A cute cat-eared maid, who is very popular at a maid cafe, was sitting in a yankee at a garbage dump and smoking a cigarette ...A new serialization that depicts the back side of the Moe Kyun image industry from the perspective of a newcomer part-time job!Color in the volume, XNUMX episodes posted at once!


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Monthly Comic Zenon September 2021

List price: 730 yen (tax included)

Editing / Publishing / Release: Coamix

Web comic site "Zenon editorial department"

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