Monthly Comic Zenon July 2022 Released May 3th (Tuesday)!

The July 1 issue of Monthly Comic Zenon was released on May 25th (Tuesday).

[Highlights of the September issue of Monthly Comic Zenon]

1,Amiba from "Fist of the North Star" goes to another world.Spin-off comedy is on the cover and intro color!

Immediately after the serialization started, the reader's hot attention was drawn to "Fist of the North Star Gaiden: Legend of the Dark King of Amiba, a genius. Even if I went to a different world, I was a genius !!Once you read the many folly (?) That the self-proclaimed genius fist Amiba transfers to another world, even if you are not a fan of "Fist of the North Star", you will not be able to stop laughing.
Of course, there are a lot of characters and lines that hold down the points of the original fans.This issue of the opening color is a gorgeous double-barrel! 


13. The latest 7th volume "Record of Ragnarok", which is a big hit, XNUMXth round incandescent!

The 7th round of Ragnarok, where the fierce battle between Hades, the king of the underworld, and Qin Shi Huang continues.Qin Shi Huang, the representative of humankind who uncovered his eyes and revealed his true face, started a counterattack.
The secret technique that Qin Shi Huang unleashed makes the king of the underworld terrify.However, despite being deeply injured, Hades notices the secret of Qin Shi Huang ....


10. TV drama is being broadcast! "Wakakozake" winter special edition, XNUMX pages of big increase!

"Wakakozake" is being broadcast on BS TV Tokyo every Monday from midnight on TV drama "Wakakozake Season 0".Wakako's mother appears in the special edition "Entertainment Sake" published in the latest issue!Wakako who saw the unexpected side of her mother ...The latest volume 6, scheduled to be released on February 18.


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Monthly Comic Zenon September 2022
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Editing / Publishing / Release: Coamix

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