Monthly Comic Zenon August 2022 issue released on June 5th (Friday)!

The August 3 issue of Monthly Comic Zenon was released on Friday, June 25th.

[Highlights of the September issue of Monthly Comic Zenon]

1,Over 1,000 million copies of "Record of Ragnarok" Gorgeous 2 books!Ragnarok Round 7 Incandescent!

The 14th volume of the latest comic was released on the 19th, "Record of Ragnarok".The XNUMXth round of Ragnarok, where the death battle between Qin Shi Huang and Hades, the king of the underworld, continues.The idiosyncratic nature of Qin Shi Huang, who feels the pain of the wounds inflicted on his opponent, has been revealed.However, in order to become the "best king" who once protected himself as a child and promised to be a benefactor who died, he hunts down Hades despite being deeply injured.What was the unexpected action of Hades that seemed to be in a difficult situation? 


2,"There is no otaku-friendly gal !?" Comic release commemoration, opening color!

The long-awaited first volume of comics released this month, the attention-grabbing school love comedy "There is no otaku-friendly gal !?" is now available in the first color!Whereabouts of the miraculous "after-school date" of the anime otaku for young children and the popular yang cagal in the same class !? 


3,Volume 1 release "Smoking Maid Romance" is in color!

The number one cat ears maid is a smoker !? The first volume of the comic is released, and the popular romantic comedy "Smoking Maid Romance".A rival appears in front of Shimobe-kun, who longs for the popular maid Mai !? Two episodes are posted at once!


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Monthly Comic Zenon September 2022
List price: 730 yen (tax included)
Editing / Publishing / Release: Coamix

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