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The November issue of "Monthly Comic Zenon" edited by Coamix was released on September 4th.

The highlight of this issue is the limited appendix only for this magazine!
"Bikkuriman" and "Fist of the North Star" collaborated
It is an oversized "Hokuto no Manseal"!
Kenshiro Raoh Toki is now one
"Super Hokuto Three Brothers"
The creators of "Fist of the North Star", Buronson Tetsuo Hara and Kenshiro Coco
A gorgeous 2-disc set with a trio sticker "Super Legends"!

The new series is the world of high school theater drawn by the author from the drama club.
"Bungo Act".
I visited an old-faced high school boy,
Encounter with a girl who can't help changing herself.
It meant an encounter with "theatre."
The color page at the beginning of the book is a dignified start.

Comic Volume ⑤ will be released on Saturday, February 2th.
"Hokuto no Ken Strawberry Flavor", which has exceeded 140 million copies in total,
Special business trip posted from "WEB Comic Zenyon"!

Please enjoy it so that you don't miss any of them!


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