Monthly Comic Zenon May issue released!

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The book is now on sale
"Fist of the Blue Sky Regeneration" is on the cover!

Kasumi Kenshiro's sharp look is really cool!

In the opening color, a special dialogue between the original author Tetsuo Hara and Koichi Yamadera, who played the role of Tetsuo Hara and Kenshiro Kasumi, was recorded in commemoration of the broadcast of the TV anime "Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS"!

What is the commitment between professionals by Han who continues to run at the forefront of the manga world and Han who continues to run at the forefront of the voice actor world !?
And he talked about the passion hidden in the TV anime "Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS"!

Check the pattern with your own eyes!

And three new serials have started in this magazine !!
New serialization, part XNUMX!
By Sumomo Yumeka of "My Girl" and "Me and I"
"With a tail. 』\

"Different from everyone"

Obvious but very important and serious problem.
A story that seeks an answer, finds an answer, and proceeds to the answer while being confused and hurt by the problem.

Nachi Hiyama, a junior high school student who works for softball.
Her problem is not to get sunburned.
She is worried about the difference from the surroundings who are getting darker and darker, but she knows the important secret of her classmate Utsumi-kun !?

If you read it, you will surely be worried, thinking, and crazy.
Please read it.

New serialization, part XNUMX!
The town of "Good morning or good night" draws
"Haru and Ao's Lunch Box"


To make, to eat, to have them eat.
The palm-sized round-trip letter is caring and caring for the other person.

Otaku girls Haru is a type who wants to prioritize hobbies such as anime and figures over fashion.
But the girls around me who shine brightly don't seem to understand that ...?
Haru of Onee appears in front of her who is depressed because she is said to be "that strange" ...?

The lunch box is still warm today because someone made it for me.
There is no doubt that the compassionate heart feels good.
Don't miss it !!

New serialization, part XNUMX!
The final chapter of the Mononoke series has begun!
"Mononoke Cat"

Mononoke begins with "Bakeneko" and ends with "Bakeneko" ---

The time is Taisho.A drug dealer appears in front of seven men and women involved in the jumping of a "woman" on the subway.

This is a story of searching for "reason."
Please be careful not to be swallowed by the gradually spreading mystery.

Zenon continues to work with our readers, along with a newly born miracle!

Three new serials in the new life season.

The May issue of Comic Zenon will be released on Saturday, March 5 !!!


★ In addition, powerful serialization team & one-shot

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