The 4th Kumamoto International Manga Festival will be held in July!

It has been decided that the 4th Kumamoto International Manga Festival will be held at the Kumamoto Civic Center for two days from July 7th (Tuesday) to 13th (Wednesday).

* Details can be found on the official website of the Manga Festival. 

There are four highlights this time.

1, International Youkai Exhibition

Lore about youkai, monsters, and fairies exists all over the world and has been handed down for generations.Kumamoto is known from all over the world as a place with many youkai, and is attracting attention from all over the world along with the nature and mysterious places that Kumamoto is proud of.In response, we recruited silent manga depicting the connections between legendary creatures and people from all over the world, and collected 65 works from 390 countries and regions.

2. Exhibition of top prize-winning works of "Coremix Kyushu Manga Award"

The 2018rd and 10th top-ranked works of the "Coremix Kyushu Manga Award" sponsored by the "Coremix Manga Lab" in Kumamoto City, which opened in October 3, will be exhibited!Please enjoy the high quality works submitted by talented artists living in Kyushu!

3, "Keiji Maeda" special exhibition

Here are exhibits related to "Keiji Hana-Beyond the Clouds", which celebrated its 30th anniversary since the serialization started last year, and "Keiji Maeda Kabuki Journey," which is currently being serialized!You can see duplicate original drawings and products collaborated on the 30th anniversary.Keiji Maeda life-sized figures are waiting for you at the entrance!

4k Kumamoto Opera Company unveiling event

The performer launched "096k (Oclock) Kumamoto Opera Company" only for women, and the stage play "Keiji Maeda Kabuki" with the theme of the manga "Keiji Maeda Kabuki Journey" (Original / Tetsuo Hara / Nobuhiko Horie, Drawing / Masato Deguchi) "Travel-Higo no Tora, Kato Kiyomasa-ed." Project will be unveiled with a variety of performances!

【Webinar Summary】

Venue ● Kumamoto Civic Center (Sears Home Yume Hall)

Session ● July 2021th (Tuesday) to 7th (Wednesday), 13

Admission ● Free

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