You don't need to smell the Emperor's suit !! "Kao Resesh x Hokuto no Ken Strawberry Flavor" collaboration!


Kao's "Resesh Sterilization EX Plus Deodorant Power" and "Hokuto no Ken Strawberry Flavor" collaborate!"Web-only videos" and "original story manga" will be released on the Resesh website from today!

"Resesh Disinfection EX Plus Deodorant Power"Has a high deodorant effect,

In addition to destroying sweat, roasted meat, and tobacco odors that men are worried about, if you spray them in advance before wearing clothes, the neutralizing deodorant technology can prevent sweat odors all day long. I can do it.

In the limited movie, "Saint Emperor Souther" played by Banjo Ginga introduces the deodorant and preventive effects of Resesh!You can not miss this!

In addition, the original story manga "Dread !! Flower King Volume], Familiar characters appear!An essential item for fighting men "Resesh"Is still PR.Please pay attention to the story of the bright Holy Emperor Thouzer and the gentleman-like Rasho Han and Kenshiro.

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