Concluded a partnership agreement on Takamori High School

From the left of the photo, Mr. Yoichi Koga, the director of the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education, Mr. Taisei Kusamura, the mayor of Takamori Town, Mr. Shuichi Mochida, the director of Coamix, and Mr. Keisuke Yamanaka, the principal of Takamori High School.


On September 9, Coamix signed an "Agreement on Improving the Attractiveness of Takamori High School Using Manga" at the Kumamoto Prefectural Office with Takamori Town, where the second headquarters is located, the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education, and Kumamoto Prefectural Takamori High School. ..

The purpose of this is to promote town development in collaboration with the entertainment industry that Takamori Town is aiming for by opening a new department related to manga at Takamori High School and developing human resources involved in manga.

Coamix will cooperate in terms of using the equipment of the training facility "Artist Village Aso 096 Ward" constructed in Takamori Town.

The specific timing of the department opening and the outline of the class will be announced after the details are decided.


[Role of Coamix]

・ Support for instructors such as classes

・ Advice on equipment and facilities required for classes

・ Career advice

・ Use of Artist Village Aso 096 Ward


[Role of Takamori Town]

・ Maintenance of municipal student dormitories

・ PR (utilization of public relations, town CATV, etc.)

・ Collaboration projects (Kumamoto International Manga CAMP, etc.)

・ Promotion of integrated education for children, children, elementary, middle and high schools (English education, ICT education)


[Role of the Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education]

・ Examination of establishment of manga-related departments (maintenance of facilities, etc.)

・ Dissemination of information


[Role of Takamori High School]

Development of educational activities related to manga

・ Development of human resources related to manga


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