XNUMXk Kumamoto Opera Company Crown Program "XNUMXk Kageki! Dan" will be overlooked and delivered!

Today, January XNUMXth (Wednesday) from XNUMX:XNUMX midnight, the overlooked delivery of "XNUMXk Kageki! Dan", which will start broadcasting on RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting, has been decided.

The Crybaby Theater Company Growth Variety "1k Kageki! Dan" is the first crowning program for the XNUMXk Kumamoto Opera Company!We will overlook it for a week only on the official YouTube channel so that everyone outside the broadcast area can enjoy it.Special videos such as behind-the-scenes stories will also be distributed.Kageki, a member of the theater company full of tears and laughter!Please take a look at the challenges! !!

■ Scheduled delivery date and time
Scheduled to start distribution every Wednesday after the program broadcast at XNUMX:XNUMX midnight from Wednesday, January XNUMX
(Please note that the delivery start time may change.)

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