096k Kumamoto Opera Company First lesson!

The audition that the 3k (Oclock) Kumamoto Opera Company sponsored by Coamix has been conducting since March this year has ended. Of the 116 applicants, 23 passed (one of them was a trainee).On September 1th, the 23 people gathered in Kumamoto City from all over the country for orientation and first training.


In the morning, we had an orientation at the Kumamoto City International Center.For the first time, 23 successful applicants and instructors who teach production, action, dance, vocalization, etc. met.

At the beginning, Nobuhiko Horie, the representative of Coamix, gave a ceremony.We talked to 23 people about the importance of polishing each other by gathering like-minded people and spending time together.

After greetings from the instructor, 23 successful applicants introduced themselves.Each expression earnestly conveys his career and his thoughts on this opera company.


Shuichi Mochida, the representative of Kumamoto Coamix, will be on stage to conclude the orientation. "The" k "in 096k is the acronym for the opera company, but I think it has four more meanings: gratitude, humility, respect, and excitement. I want to make people smile, "he said in the name of the opera company.


In the afternoon, we moved to Kumamoto Castle's tourist facility "Sakura no Baba Josaien" and practiced the basics of the stage.stage"Keiji Maeda Kabuki JourneyThe director and sword fighter Shuhei Sasaki and other gorgeous instructors gave a thorough instruction.


The launching performance is scheduled to be held in March next year at the Civic Center Sears Home Yume Hall.After that, we are planning a regular performance at the Kumamoto Castle Museum Wakuwakuza.Efforts by 3 people have begun for the appearance.


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