"096k Kumamoto Opera Company" established by Coamix has started a crown program on RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting!

"XNUMXk (Oclock) Kumamoto Opera Company" launched by Coamix!
For the stage of the regular performance "Keiji Maeda Kabuki Journey" to be held in Kumamoto Castle next year, I have been desperately training while sweating and tearing in daily harsh training such as action, sword fighting, performance, and dance. ..
Such troupe members will start a TV program (and a crown program) on RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting this time!that name as well"XNUMXk (Oclock) Kageki! Dan".
Set in Kumamoto, we will challenge various things such as professional sports, outdoor activities, and sometimes model lessons, aiming to become a future star! !!
A growth variety "XNUMXk Kageki!" Full of love and laughter from the members of the theater company.Please look forward to "Dan"!

"XNUMXk Kageki!Dan ”promoter video

Broadcast time January 13th (Wednesday) -March XNUMXst (Wednesday), XNUMX * XNUMX times in total
Broadcast date and time Every Wednesday from 56:XNUMX midnight * The date is Thursday XNUMX:XNUMX am
Broadcasting station RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting
Performers XNUMXk Kumamoto Opera Company Program MC Shakariki 

Program corner

■ Sports Challenge for Kageki!
・ Challenge a professional basketball team! ??Kageki!Basketball showdown! ??
・ Challenge a professional baseball team! ??Kageki!Baseball showdown! !!
・ Reckless challenge to Asian champions! ??Boxing showdown! !!

■ Challenge to overcome weaknesses! !!
・ Overcome motion sickness? !!Kageki!Challenge a car stunt! ??
・ Overcome crap? !!Extreme fashion sense!The secret of the model taught by the former Miss Universe! !!

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