August 6th (Friday) New e-book limited titles will be released!

Three e-book limited titles were released on August 6th (Friday).

◆ The woman who is deceived and tributes to further darkness.Can Yurika earn 400 million with her body !?
"Because we are not dating" Volume 9
Original / Maya Miyazaki
Paint/Satoshi Yamazaki

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◆ The latest volume that depicts the fierce appearance of a "general woman" who marries a celebrity!
"Professional Her Conditions Women Who Want to Marry a Celebrity" Volume 2
Original / hina
Drawing / acca

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◆ Featured work of Maya Miyazaki's original work "Because we are not dating", sequel!
"I hate you-a whirlpool of female desires and jealousy-" Volume 3 
Original / Maya Miyazaki
Manga / Yuhei Ogino

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Editing / Publishing / Release: Coamix

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