December 6th (Monday) New e-book limited titles will be released!

Five e-book limited titles were released on December 6th (Monday).

◆ A big hit with electronic comics!A terrible revenge drama by a former wife!
"Revenge of Replica Ex-wife" Volume 6
Original / Tanaka Tomo
Drawing / Hiraihacchi

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◆ SNS topical work based on Miyazaki Maya!Whereabouts of Miss Kyaba and Kuzuo?
"Because we are not dating" Volume 12
Original / Maya Miyazaki
Drawing / Satoshi Yamazaki

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◆ The latest volume that depicts the fierce appearance of a "general woman" who marries a celebrity! 
"Professional Her Conditions Women Who Want to Marry a Celebrity" Volume 3
Original / hina
Manga / acca

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◆ The idol I admire is a subordinate and a boyfriend.Alasar girls' clumsy romance, latest volume! 
"Pushing became a subordinate" Volume 3
Original / Ryo
Manga / Kogeta Okoge

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◆ The bride-in-law war manga for all women suffering from mother-in-law problems is complete!
"I can't take care of you-The never-ending war of the bride-in-law-" Volume 2
Original / THE SEIJI
Drawing / Teruyo


Editing / Publishing / Release: Coamix

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