SpiceSeed "Fist of the North Star" Ray White Hair ver. Figure is now available!

Fist of the North Star series "Ray White Hair ver." Is now available from SpiceSeed, which manufactures and sells high-quality figures! Reservations will start from 2020:9 on Sunday, September 13, 20.

What I truly admit to be beautiful I will be helpless in front of it ... (Judas)

Rei seeks a way to die as death approaches.Due to the decisive battle with his last opponent, Judah, he was able to extend his life a little by Toki's psychic stand, but he turned gray due to unimaginable severe pain.SpiceSeed has recreated Ray's spectacular final figure, packed with life, strength, beauty, and all that goes on the path of hardship for Mamiya.


Representing the end of Ray in detail

Rei, the star of the righteousness, fights for what he loves, even though his hair turns gray due to so much pain.The devilish expression that seems to be chopped up at any moment, the quality that you will be fascinated by the modeling that takes time for the fine details of the body and repeats the insistence. Another self-confident work of SpiceSeed was born.


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