10th Anniversary of "Monthly Comic Zenon" Coamix works are released for free at major electronic bookstores!


"Monthly Comic Zenon 10th Anniversary Free of charge of 231 core mix works at major electronic bookstores(Some half price)Open!

"Monthly Comic Zenon", which was launched in October 2010, was able to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.To commemorate this, it will be the first attempt at Coamix,At major e-bookstores"Free opening campaign for all Coamix works"to hold! * Some works, such as single volume works, will be delivered at half price.

From classic masterpieces serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" and "Weekly Comic Bunch" to popular and topical works serialized in "Monthly Comic Zenon", "Web Comic Zenyon", "Comic Tatan", etc. A chance to read Volume 1 for free!We hope that readers will take this opportunity to come across new Coamix works that they have not read yet.

In the future, Coamix will continue to strive to deliver wonderful manga content that will impress, surprise, and crush the world through various media such as "Monthly Comic Zenon"!

[Campaign implementation period]
1st (109 works) October 2020, 10 (Friday) -October 9, 2020 (Thursday)
2st (122 works) October 2020, 10 (Tuesday) -November 20, 2020 (Monday)

Examples of works subject to free release]
The 1 bullet 
"Fist of the North Star" "City Hunter" "Yoroshiku Mechadock" "Fist of the Blue Sky" "Angel Heart 1st Season" "Restore Garage 251" "Chirran Shinsengumi Requiem" "Fist of the North Star Strawberry Flavor" "Valkyrie of the End" etc.

The 2 bullet 
"Wakakozake" "Recollection of Trace Department Research Institute Forensic Researcher" "Lunch Box of Haru and Ao" "Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacy Aoi Midori" "Otoriyose Prince Yoshimi Iida" "Meshinuma. "My Girl," "Magical Angel Creamy Mami, Grumpy Princess," "Eating, Sleeping, and Living," etc.

[Target bookstores (partial)]
BookLive! / D book / pixiv comics / comic Seymour, etc.

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