Notice of merger

North Stars Pictures Co., Ltd. merged with its affiliated company, Coamix Co., Ltd., on April XNUMXst, XNUMXnd year of Reiwa.


The surviving company, Coamix Co., Ltd., has been involved in the editing business of manga works, and North Stars Pictures Co., Ltd. has been engaged in both publishing business and copyright management business.The purpose of this merger is to integrate the businesses that the two companies have been working on to provide a higher level of service to everyone.

Coamix Co., Ltd. will continue its publishing business, including "Monthly Comic Zenon" by North Stars Pictures Co., Ltd., visualization using works and characters, and licensing business, as before.

Taking the opportunity of the merger, former North Stars Pictures Co., Ltd. employees and Coamix Co., Ltd. employees will work together to develop the business centered on manga with the motivation of one layer.We look forward to your continued support in the future.

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