Social media policy

Coamix Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Coamix") will comply with the policies set forth below regarding the use of social media, including the operation of official accounts.

1. Purpose of use

Coamix uses social media as a place to disseminate information to writers, readers, and other people involved in manga, and to listen to their opinions and impressions.By connecting with you, I would like to understand the works and services that require a Coamix and continue to provide them.

2. Attitude

Coamix employees who participate in Coamix and social media understand the characteristics of media, such as the fact that information sent to social media can be accessed by an unspecified number of users, and that information once sent cannot be completely deleted. To do.In addition, in compliance with the privacy policy and other various laws and regulations, as a sensible member of society, we will always be aware of our actions with awareness and responsibility.

3. To all users of social media

Not all of the information provided by Coamix and our employees does not necessarily represent the official announcements or views of Coamix.Formal announcements as a Coamix are made on our website and news releases.

4. Contact

For inquiries about Coamix social media, please contact us below.
Coamix Corporate Headquarters Public Relations Section