The April 2024 issue of Forest Warrior Bonolon is now available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide!

Distribution of the latest issue of "Forest Warrior Bonolon", "Who is the King?", began on April 15th.

▼This episode's synopsis▼

Prince Rene was crying under a giant tree, saying, "I'll never become king!"
Bonoron told him that since he was already king, he should choose the next king.
He entrusts the ring, which is the symbol of his kingship, to Bonoron and begins his search for the next king.
And three years have passed.
What was the answer that Rene came up with after his continued search for someone suitable to be king?

The reader of the web picture book is voice actor Ryota Osaka.

▶︎ Bonolon, the Forest Warrior Official Website

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